The usage of prolamin storage proteins polymorphism for identification and estimation of rice cultivars purity

Kruglikova Helen, Mukhina Zhanna, Vlasov Vil. 2002. The usage of prolamin storage proteins polymorphism for identification and estimation of rice cultivars purity. In : Rice genetic resources and breeding for Europe and other temperate areas : proceedings of Eurorice 2001 Symposium, Cirad, Ird, Ksau, Krasnodar Territory, Vniirisa, September, 3-8, 2001, Krasnodar, Russia. CIRAD, IRD, KSAU, Krasnodar. Montpellier : CIRAD ISBN 2-87614-504-9 Eurorice 2001 Symposium, Krasnodar, Russie, 3 September 2001/8 September 2001.

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Abstract : The usage of polymorphic storage proteins polimorphism for identification and estimation of rice cultivars purity. The polimorphic cereal storage proteins could be successfully used as genetic markers in breeding, genetic and seed production. The rice storage proteins are alcohol soluble prolamines. They are characterized by presents of electrophoretic components, specified at the levels of subgenome and subspicies. This investigation has been made to find out the biotypes of most widely grown rice cultivars as well as to create their proteins formulas. Local cultivars of rice, being used in seed production program, were involved in this investigation. Prolamines were removed from the cernel through the direct and indirect extraction accoding the methods developed by Vavilov institute. The registration of the components was carred out due to worked out nomenclature relevant to constant components. The components of analysed sumples were recorded in protein formulas incendeng the components dererminating phenotipic diversity of alchogol soluble proteins of the hole spectra (zone 1, 2, 3) or just zone 2 as the most informative. Compearing cultivars Spalchik, Liman, Lider, Khazar, Sprint, Kurchanka, Raran, Regul, Kuban 3, Laguna, Bojyrin it was found that isoelectrophocusing spectras of alcohol soluble proteins differ according to group components, which separate all the virieties in to two types. The cultivars characterising by the following components 61- 74- 81- 83- 92- 94- 101 (Khazar, Kuban 3, Rapan, Pavlovsky) belong to " type A". The cultivars containing like 62- 75- 82- 84- 93- 95- 105 (Liman, Lider, Regul, Kurchanka, Spalchic, Sprint) belong to " type B ". The comparative elevation of IEP specters of alcohol soluble proteins by per cernel analyze let us identify varieties whit constant components: 45, 50, 55; as well as common components. According to the results the used of these method allows to estimable the cultivars purify with high efficiency. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés Agrovoc : Oryza, Polymorphisme, Prolamine, Variété, Identification, Marqueur génétique, Protéine de réserve

Classification Agris : F30 - Plant genetics and breeding

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  • Kruglikova Helen
  • Mukhina Zhanna
  • Vlasov Vil

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