Description of morphological type of rice kernel by it's cross cut

Tumanyan N.G.. 2002. Description of morphological type of rice kernel by it's cross cut. In : Rice genetic resources and breeding for Europe and other temperate areas : proceedings of Eurorice 2001 Symposium, Cirad, Ird, Ksau, Krasnodar Territory, Vniirisa, September, 3-8, 2001, Krasnodar, Russia. CIRAD, IRD, KSAU, Krasnodar. Montpellier : CIRAD ISBN 2-87614-504-9 Eurorice 2001 Symposium, Krasnodar, Russie, 3 September 2001/8 September 2001.

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Abstract : As a result of analyses of several thousands of kernel cross cut, we developed the description of morphological type of kernel cross cut. The description contains characteristics of the form of kernel cross section and endosperm structure, identified by the form and surface of a cut. The form of cross cut. It is identified three groups: "rapan", "zhemchug", "kulon" (high, middle, round). Rapan - upper and lower lateral subcluster prominences are well revealed (standard variety Rapan); zhemchug - all is shown very week (variety Pavlovsky); kulon - upper subcluster prominences are well shown and lower ones are bad shown (variety Supfir). In subgoup "high" the correlation of kernel width and thickness equals of move han 1.4; "Middle" - is less than 1.4 but more than 1.2; "round" - equals or more than 1.0 but less than 1.2 (Fig). Disposition of kernel "center". It is situated in the cut center, removed lateral, dorsal and ventral parts. Cut surface. The colour is white, gray etc. (native) and of different amber tende (of parboiled rice). The surface is smooth (of parboiled kernel) and nonsmooth. The surface is glassy (of parboiled kernel) and mat. The surface is glassy (of parboiled kernel) and mat. The surface is glassy (of parboiled kernel) and crystal under microscope in reflected light, on photo, with 20-30x enlargement. Crystall characteristics of starchy parenchyma: big, middle, small crystals; their disposition is in ventral, dorsal and lateral; can form conglomerates (big and middle) in disorder and as radial rays, coming from the center to peripheral part. The scheme of description of rice grain cross cut can be widely used in breeding and seed production processes: in works on seed stock identification for varietal support, in screening, in technological processes of processing, for the first time, at parboiling processing. It is better to carry out breeding for variety with form of cross section zhemchug, with kernel in the centre, with good distribution of starchy parenhyma along the cross cut of big crystals. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés Agrovoc : Oryza, Amande de la graine, Anatomie végétale, Endosperme

Classification Agris : F50 - Plant structure

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  • Tumanyan N.G., All Russia Rice Research Institute (RUS)

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