Indicators April 2003 : banana, avocado, orange, grapefruit, easy peelers, mango West African season

CIRAD-FLHOR-ARF - FRA. 2003. Indicators April 2003 : banana, avocado, orange, grapefruit, easy peelers, mango West African season. Fruitrop (English ed.) (102) : pp. 14-21.

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Abstract : Banana: The second quarter of 2003 started very badly after three very difficult months. The on-quay price fell by 30 percent in comparison with the average in France. This very poor performance was mainly the result of over-supply of the EU market together with a very difficult world banana trade situation. Avocado: Overall performance was good but the average price was markedly down in comparison with previous months. Degradation of the green avocado market increased as a result of particularly plentiful supplies from Kenya, with quality often failing to come up to expectations. In contrast, the market for Hass remained extremely satisfactory as a result of continued marked under-supply. Orange: Although performance was poorer than last year it was distinctly better than average. The market was extremely buoyant for Spanish operators, especially for Navelate. The results for Maroc late were much more contrasted as this did not really find its place on the market during the first half of the month. Grapefruit: The market was very satisfactory. The total quantities available were much smaller than in preceding years, mainly as a result of the early slowing of arrivals from Florida and Turkey. Thus Star from Israel, that had hitherto found it difficult to find a market position, dominated supply and benefited from lively demand in spite of sometimes uneven quality. Easy Peelers: The last month of the season gave less positive results than in 2002. The quantities sold and the average price fell to average levels. Quality was often uneven, resulting to more rapid slowing of demand than during the last season. Mango West African season: After a month of March of transition and clearing of the market, limited supplies caused business to perk up rapidly at the beginning of April. The lengthening of the Peruvian season could not continue indefinitely to make up for the temporary gap left by Côte d'lvoire. Operators therefore fell back on other Latin American origins. The price of mangoes nearly doubled in April as a result of this unusual situation. (Résumé d'auteur)

Classification Agris : E72 - Domestic trade

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