Soil erosion and carbon dynamics

Roose Eric, Lal Rattan, Feller Christian, Barthès Bernard, Stewart Bobby A.. 2006. Soil erosion and carbon dynamics. Boca Raton : CRC Press, 352 p. (Advances in Soil Science) ISBN 1-56670-688-2 Colloque international sur l'influence de la gestion de la biomasse sur l'érosion et la séquestration du carbone, Montpellier, France, 23 September 2002/28 September 2002.

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Abstract : This book defines basic concepts and general approaches to the global carbon cycle, carbon sequestration, erosion, and eroded carbon; addresses the great debate on "missing" or "fugitive" carbon, includes arguments and data that support contrasting viewpoints on the effects of the carbon cycle, offers a meaningful look at the impact of soil erosion on the global carbon cycle and the global carbon budget, covers solubilization and carbon transfers in rivers and deposition in sediments, addresses the impact of soil erosion on crop production systems. In addition to depleting nutrients necessary for healthy crops, soil erosion processes can affect the carbon balance of agroecosystems, and thus influence global warming.. While the magnitude and severity of soil erosion are well documented, fluxes of eroded carbon are rarely quantified. The most complete, nonpartisan source of information available today on this topic, Soil Erosion and Carbon Dynamics brings together a diverse group of papers and data from the perspectives of world-renowned sedimentologists, soil scientists, and agronomists to resolve whether soil erosion on carbon is a beneficial or destructive process. This book collects quantitative data on eroded carbon fluxes from the scale of the agricultural plot to that of large basins and oceans. It quantifies the magnitude of eroded carbon for different soil management practices as compared to normal carbon sequestration and discusses the fate of the eroded carbon and whether or not it is a source or sink for atmospheric CO2. Finally, the book offers data reflecting the impact of soil erosion on soil, water, and air quality. Other important topics include solubilization, the determination of mineralization rates, carbon transfer, and sediment deposition, as well as carbon dioxide emissions, global warming potential, and the implications of soil erosion on the global carbon cycle and carbon budget. Based on the first symposium of the international colloquium Land Uses, Erosion and Carbon Sequestration held in Montpellier, France, this book provides data that links soil erosion to the global carbon cycle and elucidates the fate of eroded carbon at scales ranging from plot to watershed. Table of contents : Basic concepts : Global change and carbon cycle: the position of soils and agriculture; Soil carbon sequestration; Influence of soil erosion on carbon dynamics in the world; Modeling soil erosion induced carbon fluxes between soil and atmosphere on agricultural land using SPEROS-C; Erosion at the plot scale : Soil carbon erosion and its selectivity at the plot scale in tropical and Mediterranean regions; Organic carbon in forest andosols of the Canary Islands and effects of deforestation on carbon losses by water erosion; Soil carbon dynamics and losses by erosion and leaching in banana cropping systems with different practices (nitisol, Martinique, West Indies); Influence of land uses, soils and cultural practices on erosion, eroded carbon and soil carbon stocks at the plot scale in the Mediterranean mountains of Northern Algeria; Carbon, nitrogen, and fine particles removed by water erosion on crops, fallows, and mixed plots in Sudanese savannas (Burkina Faso); Effect of a legume cover crop on carbon storage and erosion in an ultisol under maize cultivation in Southern Benin; Organic carbon associated with eroded sediments from micro-plots under natural rainfall from cultivated pastures on a clayey ferralsol in the cerrados (Brazil); Runoff, soil and soil organic carbon losses within a small sloping-land catchment of Laos under shifting cultivation; Soil erodibility control and soil carbon losses under short-term tree fallows in Western Kenya; Soil and carbon losses under rainfall simulation from two contrasting soils under maize-improved fallows rotation in Eastern Zambia; Carbon transfer in rivers

Mots-clés Agrovoc : Érosion, Cycle du carbone, Utilisation des terres, Conservation des sols, séquestration du carbone

Classification Agris : P36 - Soil erosion, conservation and reclamation
P33 - Soil chemistry and physics
F07 - Soil cultivation

Champ stratégique Cirad : Axe 6 (2005-2013) - Agriculture, environnement, nature et sociétés

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  • Roose Eric
  • Lal Rattan
  • Feller Christian
  • Barthès Bernard
  • Stewart Bobby A.

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