New rice varieties and cropping systems for paddy fields with poor water control in Madagascar

Charpentier Hubert, Husson Olivier, Andriantsilavo M., Chabaud C., Ravanomanana E., Michellon Roger, Moussa Narcisse, Rakotondralambo A., Séguy Lucien. 2006. New rice varieties and cropping systems for paddy fields with poor water control in Madagascar. In : Voly rakotra. Mise au point, évaluation et diffusion des techniques agro-écologiques à Madagascar : articles et posters présentés au troisième congrès mondial de conservation Nairobi, Kenya, octobre 2005. Husson Olivier (ed.), Rakotondramanana (ed.). FAO. Antananarivo : GSDM, pp. 22-27. Congrès mondial d'agriculture de conservation. 3, Nairobi, Kenya, 3 October 2005/7 October 2005.

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Titre français : De nouvelles variétés de riz et des systèmes de culture pour les rizières à mauvaise maîtrise de l'eau à Madagascar

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Abstract : Developing and maintaining water control in paddy fields is difficult, costly and requires sufficient water reserves. Thus, even in the main rice growing area of Madagascar, the Aláotra lake region (800 metres above sea level), only 30 000 ha of paddy fields can be properly irrigated when over 70 000 ha will remain under poor water control. In these fields, traditional techniques based on irrigated cropping practices are very unreliable: late transplanting (which can be done only when sufficient water is available) and occurence of dry conditions at the end of the plant cycle lead to usually low yields (0.8 to 1 t/ha on average) and production is very unreliable (from nil, during the dry years to 3 t/ha when rains are favourable), which makes crop intensification very hazardous. For such situations, a change in paradigm is proposed: abandoning irrigated practice and making the choice of growing upland or poly-aptitude" rice varieties (SEBOTA) with agro-ecological practices adapted to the specific field water regime. (Résumé d'auteur)

Classification Agris : F08 - Cropping patterns and systems
F07 - Soil cultivation

Auteurs et affiliations

  • Charpentier Hubert, CIRAD-CA-UPR Couverts permanents (MDG)
  • Husson Olivier, CIRAD-CA-UPR Couverts permanents (MDG) ORCID: 0000-0001-9587-5819
  • Andriantsilavo M., TAFA (MDG)
  • Chabaud C., BRL (MDG)
  • Ravanomanana E., BRL (MDG)
  • Michellon Roger, CIRAD-CA-UPR Couverts permanents (MDG)
  • Moussa Narcisse, TAFA (MDG)
  • Rakotondralambo A., ANAE (MDG)
  • Séguy Lucien, CIRAD-CA-UPR Couverts permanents (BRA)

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