Near infrared spectrometry: a valuable tool for animal feed management

Bimont Pierre, Caires Claudia, Andriarimala José Hérilalao, Fanjaniaina Marie Lucia, Kandalam Giridhar, Adjoudeme Rodrigues, Wibaux Thomas, Andrianantoandro Andriamangalalaine, Tillard Emmanuel, Salgado Paulo, Lecomte Philippe, Dardenne Pierre, Nabeneza Serge, Marble Yvane, Corduant Stéphane, Andrianary Antso. 2015. Near infrared spectrometry: a valuable tool for animal feed management. Paris : CIRAD-ARChE_Net, 1 vidéo (4 min 34 sec)

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Abstract : The NIRS approach makes the management and use of natural resources more efficient by enabling quantification of various chemical constituents of feedstuffs and soils, and of some biological parameters such as nutritional value of feed resources. Because of NIRS virtues such as being accurate, fast, economic and environment friendly, it has a vital role in implementation of precision farming systems. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés libres : NIRS

Classification Agris : U40 - Surveying methods
L02 - Animal feeding
P33 - Soil chemistry and physics

Contributeurs et affiliations

  • Bimont Pierre - realisateur
  • Caires Claudia - traducteur
  • Andriarimala José Hérilalao - collaborateur
  • Fanjaniaina Marie Lucia - collaborateur
  • Kandalam Giridhar - collaborateur
  • Adjoudeme Rodrigues - collaborateur
  • Wibaux Thomas, CIRAD-PERSYST-UPR Systèmes de pérennes (FRA) - collaborateur
  • Andrianantoandro Andriamangalalaine - collaborateur
  • Tillard Emmanuel, CIRAD-ES-UMR SELMET (REU) - collaborateur
  • Salgado Paulo, CIRAD-ES-UMR SELMET (MDG) - collaborateur
  • Lecomte Philippe, CIRAD-ES-UMR SELMET (SEN) ORCID: 0000-0003-1040-7886 - collaborateur
  • Dardenne Pierre, CRA (BEL) - collaborateur
  • Nabeneza Serge, CIRAD-ES-UMR SELMET (REU) - collaborateur
  • Marble Yvane, CIRAD-ES-UMR SELMET (REU) - collaborateur
  • Corduant Stéphane - collaborateur
  • Andrianary Antso - collaborateur

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