Udder and teat shape and the relationship with milk yield in camels (Camelus dromedarius)

Musaad Abdelgader, Ayadi Moez, Khalil Ahmed, Aljumaah Riyadh Saleh, Faye Bernard. 2017. Udder and teat shape and the relationship with milk yield in camels (Camelus dromedarius). Scholars Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, 4 (10) : pp. 418-423.

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Abstract : A total of 72 camels at first and late stage of lactation managed under intensive condition were classified for udder and teat shape using digital images from left side of the mammary gland. Based on visual appraisal udder were classified to: pear, globular and pendulous. Meanwhile, teat classified to: funnel, cylindrical and bottle shape. Globular shape at first and late stage with the percentage of 47.22 %, 46.67 5, followed by pendulous (29.17%, 31.67%) and pear shapes (23.61%, 21.67%), respectively. Cylindrical teat were more frequent 43.06 %, of 61.67 % followed by funnel 36.11 %, 28.33 % and bottle shaped 20.83 %, 10 % at the first and late stage, respectively. A significant p≤ o.o5 difference was observed in total milk yield according to udder shape at first stage of lactation. By cylindrical scale highest milk yield of 5.64 kg was obtained from pear udder shaped followed by globular 4.7±0.28kg and pendulous 4.41±0.036 kg. No significant p≤ o.o5 difference was observed for teat shape and milk yields. Udder depth, length, circumference ranged according to udder shape from 40.14±0.66 to 46.36±0.71cm, 42.05±0.97 to 46.89 ±0.90 and 94.31±1.01 to 97.88±0.64, respectively. Significant difference in length observed between pear against globular and pendulous. Teat length front and rear according to udder shape ranged from3.70±0.25 to 5.80± 0.45 and 4.50±0.22 to5.89±0.51respectively. Teat diameter, distance between teat 2.94±0.18 to4.01±0.45 and 7.88±0.35to9.62±0.39 respectively. Teat length of front and rear, diameter and distance between teats significantly p≤ o.o5 lower in globular shaped from other shapes at first stage. Study showed clear variation in the udder and teat shapes and dimensions and their relationship with milk yield in lactating camels.

Mots-clés Agrovoc : Dromadaire, Rendement laitier, Facteur de rendement, Lait de chamelle, Trayon, Glande mammaire, Anatomie animale, Production laitière

Mots-clés géographiques Agrovoc : Arabie Saoudite

Mots-clés complémentaires : Camelus dromedarius

Classification Agris : L01 - Animal husbandry
L40 - Animal structure
L50 - Animal physiology and biochemistry

Champ stratégique Cirad : Axe 1 (2014-2018) - Agriculture écologiquement intensive

Auteurs et affiliations

  • Musaad Abdelgader, Range Protection and Improvement Center in Al-Jouf Area (SAU)
  • Ayadi Moez, King Saud University (SAU)
  • Khalil Ahmed, Sudan University of Science and Technology (SDN)
  • Aljumaah Riyadh Saleh, King Saud University (SAU)
  • Faye Bernard, CIRAD-ES-UMR SELMET (FRA)

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