The 'Plantain_Optim' dataset: Agronomic traits of 405 plantains every 15 days from planting to harvest

Depigny Sylvain, Tchotang Frédéric, Talla Médard, Fofack Désirée, Essomé David, Ebongué Jean-Pierre, Kengni Bernard, Lescot Thierry. 2018. The 'Plantain_Optim' dataset: Agronomic traits of 405 plantains every 15 days from planting to harvest. Data in Brief, 17 : pp. 671-680.

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Abstract : The 'Plantain-Optim' dataset (came from the 'Plantain-Optim' experiment conducted from 2009 to 2011 at CARBAP experimental station in Cameroon. The main objective was to describe agronomic potential of nine plantain varieties, including five natural plantains commonly cropped in Cameroon, and four plantain-like hybrids. A completely randomized bloc permitted to compare growth, development and yield of 45 plants per variety split between five replicates. Cropping practices guarantied non-limiting and homogenous conditions. Each plant was measured every 15 days. Data described aerial organ sizes, foliar structure and bunch characteristics of the mother plant. The 'Plantain-Optim' dataset includes the complete individual growth of each studied plantain of the 'Plantain-Optim' experiment with a 15-day accuracy. It is a useful standard of plantain varietal diversity for comparison with others datasets. Varietal growth and development homogeneity, biomass production or foliar and bunch structures could be further investigated. Moreover, these accurate data on plantain growth could be valuable for plantain 3D modelling.

Mots-clés Agrovoc : Musa (plantains), Variété, Évaluation, Caractère agronomique, Croissance, Développement biologique, Rendement des cultures, Expérimentation

Mots-clés géographiques Agrovoc : Cameroun

Mots-clés libres : Banana, Plantain, Experiment, Agronomic trait, Growth, Development, Variety

Classification Agris : F62 - Plant physiology - Growth and development
F30 - Plant genetics and breeding
F01 - Crop husbandry

Champ stratégique Cirad : Axe 1 (2014-2018) - Agriculture écologiquement intensive

Auteurs et affiliations

  • Depigny Sylvain, CIRAD-PERSYST-UPR GECO (FRA) ORCID: 0000-0003-2207-9904 - auteur correspondant
  • Tchotang Frédéric, CARBAP (CMR)
  • Talla Médard, CARBAP (CMR)
  • Fofack Désirée, CARBAP (CMR)
  • Essomé David, CARBAP (CMR)
  • Ebongué Jean-Pierre, CARBAP (CMR)
  • Kengni Bernard, CARBAP (CMR)
  • Lescot Thierry, CIRAD-PERSYST-UPR Systèmes bananes et ananas (FRA)

Source : Cirad-Agritrop (

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