Conserved virome diversity and structure in the mosquito vector Culex pipiens. P15

Gil Patricia, Rakotoarivony Ignace, Loire Etienne, Marie Albane, Francés Benoit, Lambert Grégory, Busquets-Martí Núria, Birnberg Lotty, Talavera Sandra, Aranda Carles, Bessat Mohamed, Otify Yehia, Mansini Giuseppe, Goffredo Maria, Ayari Emna, Mejri Selma, Muth Erika, Cheval Justine, De Visser Louise, Lamany Arnaud, Cabannes Eric, Hebert Charles, Eloit Marc, Gutierrez Serafin. 2018. Conserved virome diversity and structure in the mosquito vector Culex pipiens. P15. In : Book of abstract Pathobiome 2018. INRA. Ajaccio : INRA, Résumé, pp. 41-42. Pathobiome, Ajaccio, France, 18 March 2018/20 March 2018.

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Abstract : Recent epidemics caused by different mosquito‐borne viruses underline the viral diversity associated to mosquitoes. However, beyond human viral pathogens, we know little on other viruses of the mosquito virome. This unexplored diversity probably influences vector competence and other aspects of the mosquito biology, as shown for the mosquito bacteriome. We have analysed the virome of Culex pipiens, a mosquito vector of important arboviruses like Rift Valley fever virus or West Nile fever virus. To this end, we have coupled a metagenomics approach with a large sampling campaign involving different countries and habitats around the Mediterranean basin. Our results show for the first time conserved patterns in virus diversity among mosquito populations, as well as specificities probably linked to different environmental conditions. The discovery of a ubiquitous group of viruses strongly supports the existence of a core virome in Culex pipiens that is likely to influence mosquito physiology.

Auteurs et affiliations

  • Gil Patricia, CIRAD-BIOS-UMR ASTRE (FRA)
  • Rakotoarivony Ignace, CIRAD-BIOS-UMR ASTRE (FRA)
  • Loire Etienne, CIRAD-BIOS-UMR ASTRE (FRA)
  • Marie Albane, EID (FRA)
  • Francés Benoit, EID (FRA)
  • Lambert Grégory, EID (FRA)
  • Busquets-Martí Núria, CReSA (ESP)
  • Birnberg Lotty, CReSA (ESP)
  • Talavera Sandra, CReSA (ESP)
  • Aranda Carles, Servei de Control de Mosquits (ESP)
  • Bessat Mohamed, Alexandria University (EGY)
  • Otify Yehia, Alexandria University (EGY)
  • Mansini Giuseppe, IZSA&M (ITA)
  • Goffredo Maria, IZSA&M (ITA)
  • Ayari Emna, Institut Pasteur de Tunis (TUN)
  • Mejri Selma, Institut Pasteur de Tunis (TUN)
  • Muth Erika, PathoQuest (FRA)
  • Cheval Justine, PathoQuest (FRA)
  • De Visser Louise, PathoQuest (FRA)
  • Lamany Arnaud, PathoQuest (FRA)
  • Cabannes Eric, PathoQuest (FRA)
  • Hebert Charles, PathoQuest (FRA)
  • Eloit Marc, Institut Pasteur (FRA)
  • Gutierrez Serafin, CIRAD-BIOS-UMR ASTRE (FRA) ORCID: 0000-0002-5277-7239

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