Paris climate agreement: Promoting interdisciplinary science and stakeholders' approaches for multi-scale implementation of continental carbon sequestration

Chevallier Tiphaine, Loireau Maud, Courault Romain, Chapuis-Lardy Lydie, Desjardins Thierry, Gomez Cécile, Grondin Alexandre, Guérin Frédéric, Orange Didier, Pélissier Raphaël, Serpantié Georges, Durand Marie-Hélène, Dérioz Pierre, Gildas Laruelle Goulven, Schwoob Marie-Hélène, Viovy Nicolas, Barrière Olivier, Blanchard Eric, Blanfort Vincent, Brossard Michel, Demenois Julien, Fargette Mireille, Heulin Thierry, Mahé Gil, Manlay Raphaël, Podwojewski Pascal, Rumpel Cornelia, Sultan Benjamin, Chotte Jean-Luc. 2020. Paris climate agreement: Promoting interdisciplinary science and stakeholders' approaches for multi-scale implementation of continental carbon sequestration. Sustainability, 12 (17), n.spéc. Soil and Water Management Challenges & Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture under Climate Change:6715, 20 p.

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Abstract : The Paris Climate Agreements and Sustainable Development Goals, signed by 197 countries, present agendas and address key issues for implementing multi-scale responses for sustainable development under climate change—an effort that must involve local, regional, national, and supra-national stakeholders. In that regard, Continental Carbon Sequestration (CoCS) and conservation of carbon sinks are recognized increasingly as having potentially important roles in mitigating climate change and adapting to it. Making that potential a reality will require indicators of success for various stakeholders from multidisciplinary backgrounds, plus promotion of long-term implementation of strategic action towards civil society (e.g., law and policy makers, economists, and farmers). To help meet those challenges, this discussion paper summarizes the state of the art and uncertainties regarding CoCS, taking an interdisciplinary, holistic approach toward understanding these complex issues. The first part of the paper discusses the carbon cycle's bio-geophysical processes, while the second introduces the plurality of geographical scales to be addressed when dealing with landscape management for CoCS. The third part addresses systemic viability, vulnerability, and resilience in CoCS practices, before concluding with the need to develop inter-disciplinarity in sustainable science, participative research, and the societal implications of sustainable CoCS actions.

Mots-clés Agrovoc : séquestration du carbone, Accord international, Changement climatique, atténuation des effets du changement climatique, adaptation aux changements climatiques, Recherche interdisciplinaire, Approches participatives, processus multipartites, partie intéressée, Développement durable

Mots-clés libres : Climate Change, Sustainable development, 4 per 1000 Initiative, Carbon sequestration, Participatory approach

Classification Agris : P40 - Meteorology and climatology
A50 - Agricultural research

Champ stratégique Cirad : CTS 6 (2019-) - Changement climatique

Auteurs et affiliations

  • Chevallier Tiphaine, IRD (FRA)
  • Loireau Maud, IRD (FRA)
  • Courault Romain, IRD (FRA) - auteur correspondant
  • Chapuis-Lardy Lydie, IRD (FRA)
  • Desjardins Thierry, IRD (FRA)
  • Gomez Cécile, INRAE (FRA)
  • Grondin Alexandre, IRD (FRA)
  • Guérin Frédéric, Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier (FRA)
  • Orange Didier, IRD (FRA)
  • Pélissier Raphaël, IRD (FRA)
  • Serpantié Georges, IRD (FRA)
  • Durand Marie-Hélène, Université Paul Valéry (FRA)
  • Dérioz Pierre, Université d'Avignon et des pays de Vaucluse (FRA)
  • Gildas Laruelle Goulven, ULB (BEL)
  • Schwoob Marie-Hélène, IDDRI (FRA)
  • Viovy Nicolas, CNRS (FRA)
  • Barrière Olivier, IRD (FRA)
  • Blanchard Eric, IRD (FRA)
  • Blanfort Vincent, CIRAD-ES-UMR SELMET (FRA)
  • Brossard Michel, IRD (FRA)
  • Demenois Julien, CIRAD-PERSYST-UPR AIDA (FRA) ORCID: 0000-0002-2271-8465
  • Fargette Mireille, IRD (FRA)
  • Heulin Thierry, CNRS (FRA)
  • Mahé Gil, IRD (FRA)
  • Manlay Raphaël, IRD (FRA)
  • Podwojewski Pascal, CNRS (FRA)
  • Rumpel Cornelia, CNRS (FRA)
  • Sultan Benjamin, IRD (FRA)
  • Chotte Jean-Luc, IRD (FRA)

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