Analysis of the allelic variation in the Shell gene homolog of E. oleifera and design of species specific Shell primers

Astorkia Maider, Hernandez Mónica, Bocs Stéphanie, Ponce Kevin, León Olga, Morales Shone, Quezada Nathalie, Orellana Francisco, Wendra Fahni, Sembiring Zulhermana, Asmono Dwi, Ritter Enrique. 2020. Analysis of the allelic variation in the Shell gene homolog of E. oleifera and design of species specific Shell primers. Euphytica, 216:5, 16 p.

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Abstract : The “shell thickness” gene (Sh) controls three fruit types in African oil palm [Elaeis guineensis (Eg)] and has important implementations for variety development. Eg plantations in South and Central America suffer severally from the “Pudrición de Cogollo” disease, leading to the development of hybrid varieties between African and American oil palm [E. oleifera (Eo)]. We have analysed the allelic variation of a 237 bp amplicon within the Sh gene in Eo, interspecific hybrids and Eg pisifera accessions. A total of 568 accessions from different geographical origins were screened. Seven SNP were detected. Three SNP correspond to already known SNP from Eg, defining the dura, pisifera Congo, pisifera Nigeria and MPOB3 events. Further downstream in an intronic region revealed four novel additional SNP which occur only in Eo alleles. Three specific Eo events (OLI1, OLI2 and OLI3) were defined. The allelic composition for the partial Sh amplicon was determined in all accessions and specific associations between origins and Eo events were detected. SNP NK2 was specific for all Eo alleles and absent in Eg, allowing the design of species specific primers. These were validated successfully in all screened accessions and are crucial for selecting appropriate genotypes in backcross programs with interspecific hybrids. The effects of origin and Sh alleles on fruit weight and fruit components were analysed in Eo accessions and hybrids. For the Eo alleles no effects were detected on these traits, while the origin influenced significantly trait expression in most cases.

Mots-clés Agrovoc : Elaeis oleifera, Polymorphisme génétique, Variation génétique, Hybride, Allèle, Gène, Testa, Polymorphisme à nucléotide unique

Mots-clés complémentaires : Hybride interspécifique, variation allélique, tégument, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)

Mots-clés libres : Oil Palm, Allelic events, E. guineensis, Interspecific hybrids, Snakemake workflow

Classification Agris : F30 - Plant genetics and breeding

Champ stratégique Cirad : CTS 1 (2019-) - Biodiversité

Auteurs et affiliations

  • Astorkia Maider, NEIKER (ESP) - auteur correspondant
  • Hernandez Mónica, NEIKER (ESP)
  • Bocs Stéphanie, CIRAD-BIOS-UMR AGAP (FRA) ORCID: 0000-0001-7850-4426
  • Ponce Kevin, La Fabril (ECU)
  • León Olga, Fundación Pérez Pallarez (ECU)
  • Morales Shone, La Fabril (ECU)
  • Quezada Nathalie, La Fabril (ECU)
  • Orellana Francisco, Fundación Pérez Pallarez (ECU)
  • Wendra Fahni, PT Sampoerna Agro (IDN)
  • Sembiring Zulhermana, PT Sampoerna Agro (IDN)
  • Asmono Dwi, PT Sampoerna Agro (IDN)
  • Ritter Enrique, NEIKER (ESP)

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