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Assessment of acoustic-mechanical measurements for texture of French fries: Comparison of deep-fat frying and air frying. Gouyo Teko, Mestres Christian, Maraval Isabelle, Fontez Bénédicte, Hofleitner Céline, Bohuon Philippe. 2020. Food Research International, 131:108947, 10 p.

Flavor precursors and sensory attributes of coffee submitted to different post-harvest processing. Good Kitzberger Cíntia Sorane, Pot David, Marraccini Pierre, Protasio Pereira Luiz Filipe, Dos Santos Scholz Maria Brigida. 2020. AIMS Agriculture and Food, 5 (4) : pp. 700-714.

Key aroma compounds of dark chocolates differing in organoleptic properties: A GC-O comparative study. Deuscher Zoé, Gourrat Karine, Repoux Marie, Boulanger Renaud, Labouré Hélène, Le Quéré Jean-Luc. 2020. Molecules, 25 (8):1809, 33 p.


Cassava traits and end-user preference: relating traits to consumer liking, sensory perception, and genetics. Bechoff Aurélie, Tomlins Keith I., Fliedel Geneviève, Becerra López-Lavalle Luis Agusto, Westby Andrew, Hershey Clair, Dufour Dominique. 2018. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 58 (4) : pp. 547-567.
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Impact of fruit texture on the release and perception of aroma compounds during in vivo consumption using fresh and processed mango fruits. Bonneau Adeline, Boulanger Renaud, Lebrun Marc, Maraval Isabelle, Valette Jérémy, Guichard Elisabeth, Günata Ziya. 2018. Food Chemistry, 239 : pp. 806-815.

Large genetic diversity for fine-flavor traits unveiled in cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) with special attention to the native Chuncho variety in Cusco, Peru. Eskes Albertus, Rodriguez C.A.C., Cruz Condori David, Seguine Ed, Garcia Carrion Luis, Lachenaud Philippe. 2018. AgroTropica, 30 (3) : pp. 157-174.


Consumer acceptance and sensory profiling of reengineered kitoza products. Pintado Ana I.E., Monteiro Maria J.P., Talon Régine, Leroy Sabine, Scislowski Valérie, Fliedel Geneviève, Rakoto Danielle, Maraval Isabelle, Costa Ana Isabel A., Silva Ana Paula, Pallet Dominique, Tomlins Keith I., Pintado Manuela. 2016. Food Chemistry, 198 : pp. 75-84.
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Contribution of predominant yeasts to the occurence of aroma compounds during cocoa bean fermentation. Kone Koumba-Mal, Guehi Tagro Simplice, Durand Noël, Ban-Koffi Louis, Berthiot Laurent, Fontana-Tachon Angélique, Brou Kouakou, Boulanger Renaud, Montet Didier. 2016. Food Research International, 89 (Part 2) : pp. 910-917.
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Les cacaoyères du Sambirano : des produits à fort potentiel qualitatif insuffisamment valorisés. Descroix Frédéric, Rakotomalala Jean-Jacques, Bousquet Elisa, Rahaingosambatra Dina Harisoa, Chen-Yen-Su Alexandre. 2016. In : Recherche interdisciplinaire pour le développement durable et la biodiversité des espaces ruraux malgaches. Application à différentes thématiques de territoire. Duchaufour Hervé (ed.), Razafimbelo-Andriamifidy Tantely (ed.), Rakotoarisoa Jacqueline (ed.), Ramamonjisoa Bruno (ed.), Rakotondravao. SCAC, PARRUR. Antananarivo : MYE, pp. 19-56.

Process optimization and product characteristics of white kenkey (nsiho). Oduro-Yeboah Charlotte. 2016. Accra : University of Ghana, 339 p. Thesis Ph.D. : Food science : University of Ghana


Sensory evaluation and consumer acceptability of a beverage made from malted and fermented cereal: Case of gowe from Benin. Adinsi Laurent, Akissoé Noël, Dalodé-Vieira Générose, Anihouvi Victor, Fliedel Geneviève, Mestres Christian, Hounhouigan Joseph Djidjoho. 2015. Food Science and Nutrition, 3 (1), 9 p.


Rheological and chemical predictors of texture and taste in dessert banana (Musa spp.). Bugaud Christophe, Cazevieille Patrick, Daribo Marie Odette, Telle Nelly, Julianus Philippe, Fils-Lycaon Bernard, Mbéguié-A-Mbéguié Didier. 2013. Postharvest Biology and Technology, 84 : pp. 1-8.

Sensory evaluation and consumer acceptability of an african fish based flavouring agent and taste enhancer. Kindossi Janvier, Akpo-Djenontin O.O.D., Anihouvi Victor, Akissoé Noël H., Declemy Anne-Laure, Vieira-Dalodé Générose, Tomlins Keith I., Pallet Dominique, Hounhouigan Joseph D.. 2013. Indian Journal of Applied Research, 3 (8) : pp. 62-66.

Sensory evaluation and sugars contents of coconut (Cocos nucifera l.) water during nuts ripening. Assa Rebecca Rachel, Prades Alexia, Konan Amoin Georgette, Nemlin Jean, Konan Jean-Louis. 2013. African Journal of Food Science, 7 (7) : pp. 186-192.


Caractéristiques gustatives de l'eau des fruits de quatre cultivars du cocotier (Cocos nucifera L.). Assa Rebecca Rachel, Konan Jean-Louis, Prades Alexia, Nemlin Jean. 2012. International Journal of Biological and Chemical Sciences, 6 (6) : pp. 3045-3054.

Les profils sensoriels des cafés sont liés aux terroirs en République dominicaine. Aguilar Philip, Ribeyre Fabienne, Escarramán Amadeo, Bastide Philippe, Berthiot Laurent. 2012. Cahiers Agricultures, 21 (2-3) : pp. 169-178.


Comparative organoleptic evaluations of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) accessions from the International Clone Trial by three sensory panels over two years. Sukha Darin A., Seguine E.S., Assemat Sophie, Butler David R., Cilas Christian, Ribeyre Fabienne, Seni Gilles, Cros Emile, Davrieux Fabrice, Eskes Albertus. 2011. In : Collaborative and participatory approaches to cocoa variety improvement : final report of the CFC/ICCO/Biodiversity international project on "Cocoa productivity and quality improvement: a participatory approach" (2004-2010). Eskes Albertus (ed.). CFC, Bioversity International, ICCO. Amsterdam : CFC, pp. 128-141. (CFC Technical paper, 59) ISBN 978-92-9043-884-7

Exploration de la variabilité qualitative de la production bananière et des potentialités de transformation en vue d'une diversification. Bugaud Christophe, Fahrasmane Louis, Daribo Marie Odette, Aurore Guylène, Chillet Marc, Fils-Lycaon Bernard, Rinaldo Dominique. 2011. Innovations Agronomiques, 16 : pp. 13-23. Systèmes durables de production et de transformation agricoles aux Antilles et en Guyane, Lamentin, Guadeloupe, 3 November 2011/4 November 2011.

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Sensory characterisation enabled the first classification of dessert bananas. Bugaud Christophe, Deverge Emeline, Daribo Marie Odette, Ribeyre Fabienne, Fils-Lycaon Bernard, Mbéguié-A-Mbéguié Didier. 2011. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 91 (6) : pp. 992-1000.

Sensory texture of cooked rice is rather linked to chemical than to physical characteristics of raw grain. Mestres Christian, Ribeyre Fabienne, Pons Brigitte, Fallet Véronique, Matencio Françoise. 2011. Journal of Cereal Science, 53 (1) : pp. 81-89.


Discrimination of Coffea arabica hybrids of the composite cultivar ruiru 11 by sensorial evaluation and biochemical characterization. Kathurima C.W., Kenji G.M., Muhoho S.M., Boulanger Renaud, Davrieux Fabrice. 2010. Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology, 2 (3) : pp. 148-154.

Physico-chemical analyses, sensory evaluation and potential of minimal processing of pejibaye (Bactris gasipaes) compared to mascarenes palms. Joas Jacques, Le Blanc Muriel, Beaumont Catherine, Michels Thierry. 2010. Journal of Food Quality, 33, n°spéc. : pp. 216-229.


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Prediction of sensorial properties (color and taste) of amala, a paste from yam chips flour of West Africa, through flour biochemical properties. Mestres Christian, Dorthe Sandrine, Akissoé Noël H., Hounhouigan Joseph D.. 2004. Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, 59 (3) : pp. 93-99.

Valorization of brazilian vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides (L.) Nash ex Small) oil. Martinez Julien, Rosa Paulo T.V., Menut Chantal, Leydet Alain, Brat Pierre, Pallet Dominique, Meireles M. Angela A.. 2004. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 52 (21) : pp. 6578-6584.


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Informe de viaje a Costa Rica del 4 al 14 agosto 1999. Perriot Jean-Jacques. 1999. Montpellier : CIRAD-CP, 41 p. N° de rapport : CP_SIC 1165

Mission au Costa Rica du 4 au 14 août 1999. Perriot Jean-Jacques. 1999. Montpellier : CIRAD-CP, 41 p. N° de rapport : CP_SIC 1165


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