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Placental genome and maternal-placental genetic interactions: A genome-wide and candidate gene association study of placental abruption. Denis Marie, Salazar M., Williams M.A., Enquobahrie Daniel A., Tadesse Mahlet G., Sanchez Sixto E., Ananth Cande V.. 2014. PloS One, 9 (12):e116346, 24 p.

The variety mixture strategy assessed in a G × G experiment with rice and the blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae. Gallet Romain, Bonnot François, Milazzo Joëlle, Tertois Christophe, Adreit Henri, Ravigné Virginie, Tharreau Didier, Fournier Elisabeth. 2014. Frontiers in Genetics, 4 (312), 11 p.


Nitrogen and phosphorus economy of a legume tree-cereal intercropping system under controlled conditions. Isaac Marney E., Hinsinger Philippe, Harmand Jean-Michel. 2012. Science of the Total Environment, 434 : pp. 71-78.


Characterization of the model system rice Magnaporthe for the study of nonhost resistance in cereals. Faivre-Rampant Odile, Thomas Justine, Allègre Mathilde, Morel Jean-Benoit, Tharreau Didier, Nottéghem Jean-Loup, Lebrun Marc-Henri, Schaffrath Ulrich, Piffanelli Pietro. 2008. New Phytologist, 180 (4) : pp. 899-910.

Mapping the Peste des Petits Ruminants virus nucleoprotein: Identification of two domains involved in protein self-association. Bodjo Sanne Charles, Lelenta Mamadou, Couacy-Hymann Emmanuel, Kwiatek Olivier, Albina Emmanuel, Gargani Daniel, Libeau Geneviève, Diallo Adama. 2008. Virus Research, 131 (1) : pp. 23-32.


Early and specific gene expression triggered by rice resistance gene Pi33 in response to infection by ACE1 avirulent blast fungus. Vergne Emilie, Ballini Elsa, Marques S., Sidi Mammar B., Droc Gaëtan, Gaillard Sylvain, Bourot S., De Rose Richard, Tharreau Didier, Nottéghem Jean-Loup, Lebrun Marc-Henri, Morel Jean-Benoit. 2007. New Phytologist, 174 (1) : pp. 159-171.


Effects of nucleo-cytoplasmic interactions on leaf volatile compounds from citrus somatic diploid hybrids. Fanciullino Anne Laure, Gancel Anne Laure, Froelicher Yann, Luro François, Ollitrault Patrick, Brillouet Jean-Marc. 2005. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 53 (11) : pp. 4517-4523.


Association between molecular markers and blast resistance in an advanced backcross population of rice. Wu J.L., Sinha P.K., Variar M., Zheng K.L., Leach Jan E., Courtois Brigitte, Leung Hei. 2004. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 108 (6) : pp. 1024-1032.


QTL x environment interactions in rice. I. Heading date and plant height. Li Zhi-Kang, Yu Si-Bin, Lafitte Renée Honor, Huang Ning, Courtois Brigitte, Hittalmani Shailaja, Vijayakumar C.H.M., Liu G.F., Wang G.C., Shashidhar H.E., Zhuang J.Y., Zheng K.L., Singh V.P., Sidhu J.S., Srivantaneeyakul S., Khush Gurdev S.. 2003. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 108 (1) : pp. 141-153.



Etude du virus de la panachure jaune du riz. Fargette Denis, Pinel A., Aribi Jamel. 1999. In : LPRC. Rapport d'activités 1996-1998. Fargette Denis (ed.), Peterschmitt Michel (ed.), Ferrer M. (ed.). CIRAD-LPRC, CIRAD-AMIS. Montpellier : CIRAD, pp. 11-16.

Interaction between functional domains of Bacillus thuringiensis insecticidal crystal proteins. Rang Cécile, Vachon Vincent, De Maagd R., Villalon M., Schwartz Jean Louis, Bosch D., Laprade Raynald. 1999. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 65 (7) : pp. 2918-2925.


Genetic basis and mapping of the resistance to rice yellow mottle virus. 2. Evidence of a complementary epistasis between two QTLs. Pressoir Gaël, Albar Laurence, Ahmadi Nourollah, Rimbault I., Lorieux Mathias, Fargette Denis, Ghesquière Alain. 1998. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 97 : pp. 1155-1161.

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