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From the field to coffee cup: Impact of planting design on chlorogenic acid isomers and other compounds in coffee beans and sensory attributes of coffee beverage. Dos Santos Scholz Maria Brigida, Good Kitzberger Cíntia Sorane, Durand Noel, Rakocevic Miroslava. 2018. European Food Research and Technology, 244 (10) : pp. 1793-1802.
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Spatial distribution of dry matter in yellow fleshed cassava roots and its influence on carotenoid retention upon boiling. Ceballos Hernan, Luna Jorge, Escobar Andrés, Ortiz D., Perez J.C., Sanchez Teresa, Pachón H., Dufour Dominique. 2012. Food Research International, 45 (1) : pp. 52-59.


Degradation of [bêta]-carotene during fruit and vegetable processing or storage: reaction mechanisms and kinetic aspects: a review. Pénicaud Caroline, Achir Nawel, Dhuique-Mayer Claudie, Dornier Manuel, Bohuon Philippe. 2011. Fruits, 66 (6) : pp. 417-440.


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Enzymatic production of conjugated linoleic acid monoacylglycerols from dehydrated isomerized castor bean oil. Barouh Nathalie, Piombo Georges, Goli Thierry, Baréa Bruno, Pina Michel, Lago Regina C.A., Villeneuve Pierre. 2008. Journal of Food Lipids, 15 (1) : pp. 13-27.


Production of conjugated linoleic acid isomers by dehydration and isomerization of castor bean oil. Villeneuve Pierre, Lago Regina C.A., Barouh Nathalie, Baréa Bruno, Piombo Georges, Dupré Jean-Yves, Le Guillou Anne, Pina Michel. 2005. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, 82 (4) : pp. 261-269.


Evaluation of CLA production from soybean oil. Lago Regina C.A., Villeneuve Pierre, Piombo Georges, Pina Michel. 2004. In : Proceedings of the VII World soybean research conference, IV International soybean processing and utilization conference, III Congresso brasileiro de soja (Brazilian soybean congress), February 29 to March 5, 2004. Foz do Iguassu, PR, Brazil. Moscardi Flavio (ed.), Hoffmann-Campo Clara Beatriz (ed.), Ferreira Saraiva Odilon (ed.), Galerani Paulo Roberto (ed.), Krzyzanowski Francisco Carlos (ed.), Carrão-Panizzi Mercedes Concordia (ed.). EMBRAPA. Londrina : EMBRAPA Soybean, pp. 863-870. ISBN 85-7033-004-9 International Soybean Processing and Utilization Conference. 4, Foz do Iguassu, Brésil, 29 February 2004/5 March 2004.



Le caoutchouc naturel, chimie d'un hydrocarbure polymère. Brosse Jean-Claude, Campistron Irène, Derouet Daniel, Houdayer Stéphanie, Reyx Danièle, Boccaccio Guy, Cauret Laurent, De Livonnière Hugues. 2000. In : Initiation à la chimie et à la physico-chimie macromoléculaires : Volume 13. Les polymères naturels : structure, modifications, applications. GFP. Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy : GFP, pp. 317-451.


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Intérêt des triglycerides modèles chiraux pour l'étude des spécificités des lipases. Villeneuve Pierre. 1995. Montpellier : USTL, 152 p. Thèse de doctorat : Chimie Organique, Minérale, Analytique et Industrielle : Université des sciences et techniques du Languedoc


Chiral synthesis of a triglyceride : example of 1-butyroyl 2-oleoyl 3-palmitoyl sn glycerol. Villeneuve Pierre, Pina Michel, Montet Didier, Renard Gilbert, Graille Jean. 1994. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids, 72 : pp. 135-141.

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