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Autosomal and mitochondrial adaptation following admixture: a case study on the honeybees of Reunion Island. Wragg David, Techer Maéva Angélique, Canale-Tabet Kamila, Basso Benjamin, Bidanel Jean-Pierre, Labarthe Emmanuelle, Bouchez Olivier, Le Conte Yves, Clémencet Johanna, Delatte Hélène, Vignal Alain. 2018. Genome Biology and Evolution, 10 (1) : pp. 220-238.


Genetic diversity and differentiation among insular honey bee populations in the southwest Indian Ocean likely reflect old geographical isolation and modern introductions. Techer Maéva Angélique, Clémencet Johanna, Simiand Christophe, Turpin Patrick, Garnery Lionel, Reynaud Bernard, Delatte Hélène. 2017. PloS One, 12 (12):e0189234, 26 p.


Colonization of the Mediterranean Basin by the vector biting midge species Culicoides imicola: an old story. Jacquet Stéphan, Garros Claire, Lombaert E., Walton E., Restrepo J., Allene Xavier, Baldet Thierry, Cetre-Sossah Catherine, Chaskopoulou A., Delecolle Jean Claude, Desvars Amélie, Djerbal Mouloud, Fall Moussa, Gardes Laëtitia, De Garine-Wichatitsky Michel, Goffredo Maria, Gottlieb Yuval, Gueye Fall Assane, Kasina M., Labuschagne Karien, Lhor Youssef, Lucientes Javier, Martin Thibaud, Mathieu Bertrand, Miranda Miguel Angel, Pages Nitu, Pereira da Fonseca Isabel, Ramilo David, Segard Adeline, Setier-Rio Marie-Laure, Stachurski Frédéric, Tabbabi A., Talla Seck Monar, Venter Gert J., Zimba Moses, Balenghien Thomas, Guis Hélène, Chevillon Christine, Bouyer Jérémy, Huber Karine. 2015. Molecular Ecology, 24 (22) : pp. 5707-5725.
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Mitochondrial, nuclear, and endosymbiotic diversity of two recently introduced populations of the invasive Bemisia tabaci MED species in La Réunion. Thierry Magalie, Bile Audrey, Grondin Martial, Reynaud Bernard, Becker Nathalie, Delatte Hélène. 2015. Insect Conservation and Diversity, 8 (1) : pp. 71-80.


Genetic structure of Bemisia tabaci Med populations fromhome-range countries, inferred by nuclear and cytoplasmic markers: impact on the distribution of the insecticide resistance genes. Gauthier Nathalie, Clouet Cécile, Perrakis Andreas, Kapantaidaki Despoina, Peterschmitt Michel, Tsagkarakou A.. 2014. Pest Management Science, 70 (10) : pp. 1477-1491.


DNA and RNA polymerase activity in a Moniliophthora perniciosa mitochondrial plasmid and self-defense against oxidative stress. Andrade Bruno Silva, Villela Dias Cristianao, Gomes Dayane Santos, Micheli Fabienne, Goes-Neto Aristoteles. 2013. Genetics and Molecular Research, 12 (2) : pp. 1944-1950.

What controls fleshy fruit acidity? A review of malate and citrate accumulation in fruit cells. Etienne Audrey, Génard Michel, Lobit Philippe, Mbéguié-A-Mbéguié Didier, Bugaud Christophe. 2013. Journal of Experimental Botany, 64 (6) : pp. 1451-1469.


Light- induced electron transfer and ATP synthesis in a carotene synthesizing insect. Valmalette Jean Christophe, Dombrovsky Aviv, Brat Pierre, Mertz Christian, Capovilla Maria, Robichon Alain. 2012. Scientific Reports, 2 (579), 8 p.

Regulation of shoot and root development through mutual signaling. Puig Jérôme, Pauluzzi Germain, Guiderdoni Emmanuel, Gantet Pascal. 2012. Molecular Plant, 5 (5) : pp. 974-983.


Nuclear insertions and heteroplasmy of mitochondrial DNA as two sources of intra-individual genomic variation in grasshoppers. Berthier Karine, Chapuis Marie Pierre, Moosavi Seyed M., Tohidi-Esfahani Donya, Sword Gregory A.. 2011. Systematic Entomology, 36 (2) : pp. 285-299.


Multiplex PCR assay to discriminate four neighbouring species of the Calliptamus genus (Orthoptera: Acrididae) from France. Blanchet Elodie, Blondin Laurence, Gagnaire P.A., Foucart Antoine, Vassal Jean-Michel, Lecoq Michel. 2010. Bulletin of Entomological Research, 100 (6) : pp. 701-706.


Mitochondrial pseudogenes plague locust nuclear genomes. Berthier Karine, Chapuis Marie Pierre, Seyed Mojtaba Moosavi, Tohidi-Esfahani Donya, Sword Gregory A.. 2009. Metaleptea (Special Meeting), Résumé : p. 144. International Congress of Orthopterology. 10, Antalya, Turquie, 21 June 2009/25 June 2009.


Influence of mitochondria origin on fruit quality in a citrus hybrid. Bassene Jean Baptiste, Berti Liliane, Carcouet Elodie, Dhuique-Mayer Claudie, Fanciullino Anne Laure, Bouffin Jean, Ollitrault Patrick, Froelicher Yann. 2008. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 56 (18) : pp. 8635-8640.


Effects of nucleo-cytoplasmic interactions on leaf volatile compounds from citrus somatic diploid hybrids. Fanciullino Anne Laure, Gancel Anne Laure, Froelicher Yann, Luro François, Ollitrault Patrick, Brillouet Jean-Marc. 2005. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 53 (11) : pp. 4517-4523.


Sequence analysis, transcriptional and posttranscriptional regulation of the rice VDAC family. Al Bitar Fawaz, Roosens Nancy, Smeyers Mathias, Vauterin Marc, Van Boxtel Jos, Jacobs Michel, Homblé Fabrice. 2003. Biochimica and Biophysica Acta, N. Gene structure and Expression, 1625 : pp. 43-51.


Mitochondrial diversity and inheritance in Theobroma cacao L. populations. Motamayor Juan Carlos, Clément Didier, Caiveau Olivier, Risterucci Ange-Marie, Lanaud Claire. 2002. In : Plant, Animal and Microbe Genomes 10th Conference. Abstracts. New York : Scherago International Plant, Animal and Microbe Genomes Conference. 10, San Diego, États-Unis, 12 January 2002/16 January 2002.


Non-random inheritance of mitochondrial genomes in Citrus hybrids produced by protoplast fusion. Cabasson C.M., Luro François, Ollitrault Patrick, Grosser Jude W.. 2001. Plant Cell Reports, 20 (7) : pp. 604-609.


Composition en phospholipides et en acides gras de mitochondries de foie de chamelon. Nasser B., Wolff R.L., El Kebbaj M.S.. 2000. Revue d'Elevage et de Médecine Vétérinaire des Pays Tropicaux, 53 (2) : p. 122. Atelier international sur le chamelon, Ouarzazate, Maroc, 24 October 1999/26 October 1999.


Biotechnology applied to the characterisation of the banana germplasm. Carreel Françoise, Jenny Christophe, D'Hont Angélique, Raboin Louis-Marie, Lagoda Pierre, Bakry Frédéric. 1999. In : The International symposium on the molecular and cellular biology of banana. Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research. New York : Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, p. 44. International Symposium on the Molecular and Cellular Biology of Banana, Ithaca, États-Unis, 22 March 1999/25 March 1999.


Molecular evolution of angiosperm mitochondrial introns and exons. Laroche J., Li P., Maggia Laurent, Bousquet Jean. 1997. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 94 (11) : pp. 5722-5727. Joint Annual Meeting of the American Institute of Biological Sciences and Botanical Society of America, États-Unis, 1997.

Molecular evolution of angiosperm mitochondrial introns and exons. Laroche J., Peng Li, Maggia Laurent, Bousquet J.. 1997. American Journal of Botany, 84 (6), suppl. : p. 117. Annual Meeting of the American Institute of Biological Sciences and Botanical Society of America, Montreal, Canada, August 1997.


A new set of cytoplasmic markers based on amplification reactions : application for taxonomy and control of somatic hybridization. Luro François, Ollitrault Patrick. 1996. In : Proceedings International Society Citriculture. Volume 2. s.l. : s.n., pp. 899-902. International Citrus Congress. 8, Sun City, Afrique du Sud, 12 May 1996/17 May 1996.


Mitochondrial DNA diversity in wild and cultivated sorghum. Deu Monique, Hamon Perla, Chantereau Jacques, Dufour Philippe, D'Hont Angélique, Lanaud Claire. 1995. Genome (Ottawa), 38 : pp. 635-645.

Mitochondrial DNA polymorphism and phylogenetic relationships in Hevea brasiliensis. Hong Luo, Van Coppenolle B., Seguin Marc, Boutry M.. 1995. Molecular Breeding, 1 : pp. 51-63.

RFLP analysis of cytoplasmic and nuclear genomes used for Citrus taxonomy. Luro François, Laigret Frédéric, Bové Joseph M., Ollitrault Patrick. 1995. In : Mandarines : développements scientifiques récents, résumés oraux et posters. CIRAD-FLHOR, INRA. San Nicolao : CIRAD-FLHOR, pp. 12-13. Symposium méditerranéen sur mandarines, San Nicolao, France, 5 March 1995/11 March 1995.


Les cacaos Criollos du Venezuela : caractéristiques morphologiques et diversité moléculaire. Reyes H., Laurent V., Risterucci Ange-Marie, Lanaud Claire. 1994. In : 11. Conférence internationale sur la recherche cacaoyère. Actes = 11. International cocoa research conference. Proceedings$ENG. Lagos : Cocoa Producers' Alliance, pp. 985-986. ISBN 0-9507691-OX Conférence internationale sur la recherche cacaoyère. 11, Yamoussoukro, Côte d'Ivoire, 18 July 1993/24 July 1993.

Maternal inheritance of chloroplast genome and paternal inheritance of mitochondrial genome in bananas (Musa acuminata). Fauré Sabine, Noyer Jean-Louis, Carreel Françoise, Horry Jean-Pierre, Bakry Frédéric, Lanaud Claire. 1994. Current Genetics, 25 (3) : pp. 265-269.


Chloroplast and mitochondiral DNA diversity in Theobroma cacao. Laurent V., Risterucci Ange-Marie, Lanaud Claire. 1993. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 87 (1-2) : pp. 81-88.

RFLP Study of genetic diversity of Theobroma cacao. Laurent V., Risterucci Ange-Marie, Lanaud Claire. 1993. In : Ressources génétiques animales et végétales, méthodologies d'étude et de gestion : colloque BRG/INRA, Montpellier (France), 28-30/09/1993. Résumés des communications et posters. BRG, INRA. Montpellier : INRA, Résumé, p. 58. Colloque national BRG/INRA. 1, Montpellier, France, 28 September 1993/30 September 1993.


Etude préliminaire de la diversité génétique du genre Ananas par les RFLPs. Noyer Jean-Louis. 1991. Fruits, 46 (spéc.) : pp. 372-375.




Quelques données nouvelles en amélioration des plantes. Demarly Yves. 1974. L'Agronomie Tropicale. Série 2, Agronomie Générale. Etudes Techniques, 29 (9) : pp. 871-891. Réunion des sélectionneurs de l'IRAT, Bouaké, Côte d'Ivoire, 19 November 1973/27 November 1973.


La cellule végétale observée au microscope électronique. Laflèche D., Bové Joseph M.. 1967. Fruits, 22 (10) : pp. 471-496.

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