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Mechanical contribution of secondary phloem to postural control in trees: The bark side of the force. Clair Bruno, Ghislain Barbara, Prunier Jonathan, Lehnebach Romain, Beauchêne Jacques, Alméras Tancrède. 2019. New Phytologist, 221 (1) : pp. 209-217.

Unique features of the grapevine VvK5.1 channel support novel functions for outward K+ channels in plants. Villette Jérémy, Cuellar Térésa, Zimmermann Sabine, Verdeil Jean-Luc, Gaillard Isabelle. 2019. Journal of Experimental Botany, 70 (1) : pp. 6181-6193.


Potassium fertilization increases water-use efficiency for stem biomass production without affecting intrinsic water-use efficiency in Eucalyptus grandis plantations. Battie Laclau Patricia, Delgado-Rojas Juan Sinforiano, Christina Mathias, Nouvellon Yann, Bouillet Jean-Pierre, De Cassia Piccolo Marisa, Moreira Marcelo Zacarias, De Moraes Gonçalves Jose Leonardo, Roupsard Olivier, Laclau Jean-Paul. 2016. Forest Ecology and Management, 364 : pp. 77-89.


Involvement of ethylene in the latex metabolism and tapping panel dryness of Hevea brasilensis. Putranto Riza Arief, Herlinawati Eva, Rio Maryannick, Leclercq Julie, Piyatrakul Piyanuch, Gohet Eric, Sanier Christine, Oktavia Fetrina, Pirrello Julien, Kuswanhadi, Montoro Pascal. 2015. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 16 (8) : pp. 17885-17908.


The streamlined genome of Phytomonas spp. relative to human pathogenic kinetoplastids reveals a parasite tailored for plants. Porcel Betina M., Denoeud France, Opperdoes Fred, Noël Benjamin, Madoui Mohammed-Amine, Hammarton Tansy, Field Mark, Da Silva Corinne, Couloux Arnaud, Poulain Julie, Katinka Michael, Jabbari Kamel, Aury Jean-Marc, Campbell David A., Cintron Roxana, Dickens Nicolas, Docampo Roberto, Sturm Nancy R., Koumandou Lila, Fabre Sandrine, Flegontov Pavel, Lukes Julius, Michaeli Shula, Mottram Jeremy, Szoor Balazs, Zilberstein Dan, Bringaud Frédéric, Wincker Patrick, Dollet Michel. 2014. PLoS Genetics, 10 (2):e1004007, 24 p.


Circulating virus load determines the size of bottlenecks in viral populations progressing within a host. Gutiérrez Serafin, Yvon Michel, Pirolles Elodie, Garzo Elisa, Fereres Alberto, Michalakis Yannis, Blanc Stéphane. 2012. PLoS Pathogens, 8 (11):e1003009, 10 p.

The internal transcribed spacer of ribosomal RNA genes in plant trypanosomes (Phytomonas spp.) resolves 10 groups. Dollet Michel, Sturm Nancy R., Campbell David A.. 2012. Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 12 (2) : pp. 299-308.


Starch localisation in Mango tree: Histological observations. Normand Frédéric, Lagier Sébastien, Escoute Jacques, Verdeil Jean-Luc, Mialet-Serra Isabelle. 2009. In : Proceedings of the eighth international mango symposium, Sun City, South Africa, February 5-10, 2006. Oosthuyse Steve A. (ed.). ISHS. Louvain : ISHS [Belgique], pp. 245-250. (Acta Horticulturae, 820) ISBN 978-90-6605-330-4 International Mango Symposium. 8, Sun City, Afrique du Sud, 5 February 2006/10 February 2006.


Rational sub-division of plant trypanosomes (Phytomonas spp.) based on minicircle conserved region analysis. Sturm Nancy R., Dollet Michel, Lukes Julius, Campbell David A.. 2007. Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 7 (5) : pp. 570-576.

Variation in virus populations and growth characteristics of two sugarcane cultivars naturally infected by Sugarcane yellow leaf virus in different geographical locations. Abu Ahmad Youssef, Girard Jean-Claude, Fernandez Emmanuel, Pauquet Jérôme, Lockhart Benham E.L., Letourmy Philippe, Rott Philippe. 2007. Plant Pathology, 56 (5) : pp. 743-754.


Soluble sugars mediate sink feedback down-regulation of leaf phtosynthesis in field-grown Coffea arabica. Franck Nicolas, Vaast Philippe, Génard Michel, Dauzat Jean. 2006. Tree Physiology, 26 (4) : pp. 517-525.


New understanding on phloem physiology and possible consequences to modelling long distance carbon transport. Minchin P.E.H.. 2004. In : Proceedings of the 4th International workshop on functional-structural plant models (FSPM), abstracts of papers and posters, 7-11 June 2004, Montpellier, France. Godin Christophe (ed.), Hanan Jim (ed.), Kurth Winfried (ed.), Lacointe André (ed.), Takenaka Akio (ed.), Prusinkiewicz Przemyslaw (ed.), Dejong Thedore M. (ed.), Beveridge Christine (ed.). CIRAD-AMIS-UMR AMAP. Montpellier : CIRAD-AMAP, pp. 95-97. International Workshop on Functional-Structural Plant Models (FSPM). 4, Montpellier, France, 7 June 2004/11 June 2004.


Progrès récents dans l'étude, chez les agrumes, des bactéries, sans paroi et strictement limitées au phloème : Candidatus phytoplasma aurantifolia (Cpa) et Spiroplasma citri (Sp), deux pathogènes mycoplasmiques des plantes. Bové Joseph M., Garnier M.. 1997. Fruits, 52 (6), n°spec. : pp. 349-359. World Congress of the International Society of Citrus Nurserymen. 5, Montpellier, France, 5 March 1997/8 March 1997.

Récents progrès chez les bactéries à paroi des agrumes localisées dans les faisceaux vasculaires : Xylella fastidiosa et les liberobacters proteobacteries, pathogènes des plantes. Garnier M., Bové Joseph M.. 1997. Fruits, 52 (6), n°spec. : pp. 361-369. World Congress of the International Society of Citrus Nurserymen. 5, Montpellier, France, 5 March 1997/8 March 1997.


Variability of kinetoplast DNA from plant trypanosomatids responsible for Hartrot and Marchitez diseases. Muller Emmanuelle, Ahomadegbe J.C., Coulaud D., Gargani Daniel, Fernandez Beccera C., Dollet Michel. 1995. Phytopathology, 85 (9) : pp. 942-947.

Virus phloem restricted trypanosomatids (Phytomonas spp.). Dollet Michel, Marché Sylvie, Gargani Daniel, Muller Emmanuelle, Baltz Théo. 1995. In : Third Phytomonas workshop. Abstracts. CIRAD-CP. Montpellier : CIRAD-CP, p. 17. Phytomonas workshop. 3, Montpellier, France, 15 May 1995/17 May 1995.


Canaux K+ et symports H+-sucre : implication dans la régénération du latex chez les laticifères d'Hevea brasiliensis. Bouteau F.. 1994. Paris : Université Denis Diderot, 133 p. Thèse d'université : Université de Paris VII


Modulation of gene expression under ethylene treatment in the latex of Hevea brasiliensis. Pujade-Renaud Valérie, Perrot Rechenman C., D'Auzac Jean, Jacob Jean-Louis, Guern J.. 1993. In : Cellular and molecular aspects of the plant hormone ethylene = [Aspects cellulaires et moléculaires de l'éthylène, hormone végétale]. Pech J.C. (ed.), Latché A. (ed.), Balagué C. (ed.). Dordrecht : Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 162-163. (Current Plant Science and Biotechnology in Agriculture, 16) International Symposium on Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Biosynthesis and Action on the Plant Hormone Ethylene, Agen, France, 31 August 1992/4 September 1992.

Recherche de marqueurs moléculaires de la production de latex et de sa stimulation par l'éthylène chez Hevea brasiliensis. Pujade-Renaud Valérie. 1993. Orsay : Université de Paris-Sud, 119 p. Thèse d'université : Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire Végétale : Université de Paris-Sud

Sugar absorption and potassium channels in protoplasts of Hevea brasiliensis laticiferous vessels. Bouteau F., Perino C., Cornel D., Rona J.P.. 1993. Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics, 31 : pp. 215-228.


In vitro cultivation of Phytomonas from latex and phloem-restricte d Phytomonas. Gargani Daniel, Menara C., Segur C., Dollet Michel. 1992. In : #Phytomonas# workshop = [Second atelier international #Phytomonas#]. s.l. : s.n., 1 p. International Phytomonas Workshop. 2, Santa Marta, Colombie, 5 February 1992/8 February 1992.

Metabolism of the laticiferous system and its biochemical regulation. Jacob Jean-Louis, Prévôt Jean-Claude. 1992. In : Natural rubber : biology, cultivation and technology. Sethuraj M.R. (ed.), Mathew N.M. (ed.). RRII. Amsterdam : Elsevier, pp. 116-136. (Developments in Crop Science, 23) ISBN 0-444-88329-0

Sucrose/H+ and glucose/H+ symports at the plasma membrane of laticiferous cells and protoplasts of Hevea brasiliensis. Bouteau F., Bousquet U., Lacrotte Régis, Cornel D., Monestiez M., Rona J.P.. 1992. Indian Journal of Natural Rubber Research, 5 (1-2) : pp. 25-37. International Natural Rubber Conference, Bangalore, Inde, 5 February 1992/8 February 1992.

Trials of rearing vectors of phloem-restricted Phytomonas. Experimental transmissions, and rearing of Ochlerus sp. (Pentatomidae). Dollet Michel, Dambier Dominique, Gargani Daniel, Segur C.. 1992. In : #Phytomonas# workshop. s.l. : s.n., 1 p. International Phytomonas Workshop. 2, Santa Marta, Colombie, 5 February 1992/8 February 1992.


Electrogenic active proton pumps in Hevea brasiliensis laticiferous cells : its role in activating sucrose/H+ and glucose/H+ symports at the plasma membrane. Bouteau F., Lacrotte Régis, Cornel D., Monestiez M., Bousquet U., Pennarun A.M., Rona J.P.. 1991. Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics, 26 : pp. 223-236.

Etude des relations entre la teneur en sucres du latex et la production : approche des mécanismes du chargement en saccharose des laticifères d'Hevea brasiliensis muell. Arg. Lacrotte Régis. 1991. Montpellier : Université de Montpellier 2, 266 p. Thèse d'université : Bases de la Production Végétale : Université des sciences et techniques du Languedoc

La pyrophosphate fructose-6-phosphate phosphotransferase : un enzyme de régulation du métabolisme des laticifères : fonctionnement in situ et influence sur la stimulation. Jacob Jean-Louis, Prévôt Jean-Claude, Clément-Vidal Anne, L'Huillier Laurent, D'Auzac Jean. 1991. In : Physiology and exploitation of Hevea brasiliensis : proceedings. IRRDB. Brickendonbury : IRRDB, pp. 1-10. IRRDB Symposium, Kunming, Chine, 6 October 1990/7 October 1990.

Loading mechanisms of laticiferous cells by electrophysiological method. Lacrotte Régis, Monestiez M., Cornel D., Bouteau F., Rona J.P.. 1991. In : Physiology and exploitation of Hevea brasiliensis : proceedings. IRRDB. Brickendonbury : IRRDB, pp. 26-35. IRRDB Symposium, Kunming, Chine, 6 October 1990/7 October 1990.

Proton pump and sugars/H+ symports in laticiferous cells. Bouteau F., Lacrotte Régis, Cornel D., Monestiez M., Bousquet U., Perino C., Rona J.P.. 1991. In : Plant Science Today = [Sciences végétales actuelles]. Paris : INRA, p. 189. (Colloques, 59) Congress on Plant science today, La Colle-sur-Loup, France, 16 October 1991/18 October 1991.

"Topping" of rubber trees for study of the mechanisms involved in latex production. Serres E., Clément-Vidal Anne, Prévôt Jean-Claude, Lacrotte Régis, Jacob Jean-Louis. 1991. In : Physiology and exploitation of Hevea brasiliensis : proceedings. IRRDB. Brickendonbury : IRRDB, pp. 59-68. IRRDB Symposium, Kunming, Chine, 6 October 1990/7 October 1990.


Etude électrophysiologique du transport du saccharose au travers du plasmalemme des laticifères d'hévéa brasiliensis. Bouteau F.. 1990. Paris : Université Pierre et Marie Curie, 54 p. Mémoire DEA : Biologie et Physiologie Végétales : Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Méchanisme de chargement des cellules laticifères par une méthode électrophysiologique. Lacrotte Régis, Monestiez M., Cornel D., Bouteau F., Bousquet U., Rona J.P.. 1990. In : IRRDB Symposium. Abidjan : CIRAD-IRCA, 15 p. IRRDB Symposium, Kunming, Chine, 6 October 1990/7 October 1990.


Bark dryness : histological, cytological and biochemical aspects. Jacob Jean-Louis, Prévôt Jean-Claude. 1989. In : Workshop on tree dryness. IRRDB. Kuala Lumpur : IRRDB, pp. 37-54. Workshop on tree dryness, Penang, Malaisie, 26 June 1989/27 June 1989.


Maniçoba, guayule et autres plantes à caoutchouc. Chapuset Thierry. 1987. In : Procès verbal de la 12ème réunion. CIRAD-IRCA. Paris : IRCA, pp. 93-98. Comité scientifique et technique du caoutchouc. 12, Paris, France, 12 March 1987.


Plant diseases caused by flagellate protozoa (Phytomonas ). Dollet Michel. 1984. Annual Review of Phytopathology, 22 : pp. 115-132.


Observations of flagellate protozoa (Phytomonas sp.) in the xylem of Euphorbia lasiocarpa in Ecuador. Dollet Michel, Gargani Daniel, Cambrony D., Dzido Jean-Luc. 1983. Canadian Journal of Botany, 61 (1) : pp. 237-240.


Organisation fonctionnelle du tissu producteur de l'Hevea brasiliensis. Hébant C., Devic C., De Fay Elisabeth. 1981. Revue Générale du Caoutchouc et des Plastiques, 58 (614) : pp. 97-100.


Ontogénie des fibres textiles de l'Hibiscus cannabinus L. (Malvacées). Bourely Jean. 1980. Coton et Fibres Tropicales, 35 (3) : pp. 283-319.

Recherches actuelles de l'I.R.H.O. sur les dépérissements du cocotier en Amérique du Sud, associés aux protozoaires flagellés intraphloémiques. Dollet Michel. 1980. Oléagineux, 35 (6) : p. 302. International Council on Lethal Yellowing. 4, Fort Lauderdale, États-Unis, 13 August 1979/17 August 1979.


Cellules à tannins et tubes laticifères dans le liber d'Hevea brasiliensis. Trancard J.. 1979. Revue de Cytologie et de Biologie Végétales, Le Botaniste, 2 : pp. 1-6.


Observation de protozoaires flagellés dans les tubes criblés de palmiers à huile malades. Dollet Michel, Giannotti J., Ollagnier Michel, Vago C.. 1977. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Séances de l'Académie des Sciences. Série D, Sciences Naturelles, 284 (8) : pp. 643-645.





Origine et mise en place des fibres dans les parties aériennes de l'Hibiscus cannabinus (Malvacées). Bourely Jean. 1969. Coton et Fibres Tropicales, 24 (3) : pp. 351-353.


Physiologie des vaisseaux laticifères. Ferrand M.. 1947. Revue Générale du Caoutchouc, 24 (236) : pp. 235-240.

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