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Genotypic covariations of traits underlying sorghum stem biomass production and quality and their regulations by water availability: Insight from studies at organ and tissue levels. Luquet Delphine, Perrier Lisa, Clément-Vidal Anne, Jaffuel Sylvie, Verdeil Jean-Luc, Roques Sandrine, Soutiras Armelle, Baptiste Christelle, Fabre Denis, Bastianelli Denis, Bonnal Laurent, Sartre Pascal, Rouan Lauriane, Pot David. 2019. Global Change Biology. Bioenergy, 11 (2) : pp. 442-462.

Radiocarbon investigation of a superlative grandidier baobab, the big reniala of Isosa. Patrut Roxana T., Patrut Adrian, Leong Pock Tsy Jean-Michel, Woodborne Stephan, Rakosy Laszlo, Danthu Pascal, Ratiu Ileana-Andreea, Bodis Jenö, Von Reden Karl F.. 2019. Studia Universitatis Babeş-Bolyai. Chemia, 64 (4) : pp. 131-139.


Allometric equations for estimating oil palm stem biomass in the ecological context of Benin, West Africa. Aholoukpé Hervé Nonwègnon Sayimi, Dubos Bernard, Deleporte Philippe, Flori Albert, Amadji Guillaume Lucien, Chotte Jean-Luc, Blavet Didier. 2018. Trees, 32 (6) : pp. 1669-1680.
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Diversité, écologie et évolution des plantes monocaules de Nouvelle-Calédonie. Bruy David. 2018. Montpellier : Université de Montpellier, 329 p. Thèse de doctorat : Ecologie fonctionnelle et sciences agronomiques : Université de Montpellier

Estimation of stem and leaf dry biomass using a non-destructive method applied to African Coffea species. Okoma Michelle Pamelas, Akaffou S., De Reffye Philippe, Hamon Perla, Hamon Serge, Konan O., Kouassi Kouadio Henri, Legnaté Hyacinthe, Letort Véronique, Sabatier Sylvie-Annabel. 2018. AgroForestry Systems, 92 (3) : pp. 667-675.
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Analyse des déterminants génétiques contrôlant la production et la composition de la tige chez le sorgho (Sorghum bicolor [L.] Moench). Intégration des approches bi-et multi-parentales. Thera Korotimi. 2017. Montpellier : Montpellier SupAgro, 245 p. Thèse de doctorat : Sciences agronomiques et écologie : Montpellier SupAgro

Influence of the radial stem composition on the thermal behaviour of miscanthus and sorghum genotypes. Chupin Lucie, de Ridder Dieter, Clément-Vidal Anne, Soutiras Armelle, Gineau Emilie, Mouille Gregory, Arnoult Stéphanie, Brancourt-Hulmel Maryse, Lapierre Catherine, Pot David, Vincent Luc, Mija Alice, Navard Patrick. 2017. Carbohydrate Polymers, 167 : pp. 12-19.

Processing and properties of sorghum stem fragment-polyethylene composites. Vo Loan T.T., Girones Jordi, Beloli Calypso, Chupin Lucie, Di Giuseppe Erika, Clément-Vidal Anne, Soutiras Armelle, Pot David, Bastianelli Denis, Bonnal Laurent, Navard Patrick. 2017. Industrial Crops and Products, 107 : pp. 386-398.


Assessment of the variability of Senegalese landraces for phenology and sugar yield components to broaden the genetic pool of multi-purpose sorghum. Tovignan Klanvi Thierry, Luquet Delphine, Foncéka Daniel, Ndoye Ibrahima, Trouche Gilles, Cissé Ndiaga. 2016. Plant Genetic Resources, 14 (2) : pp. 121-131.
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Genetic variability and correlation analysis of rice (Oryza sativa L.) inbred lines based on agro-morphological traits. Konate Abdourasmane K., Zongo Adama, Kam Honore, Sanni Ambaliou, Audebert Alain. 2016. African Journal of Agricultural Research, 11 (35) : pp. 3340-3346.

Potassium fertilization increases water-use efficiency for stem biomass production without affecting intrinsic water-use efficiency in Eucalyptus grandis plantations. Battie Laclau Patricia, Delgado-Rojas Juan Sinforiano, Christina Mathias, Nouvellon Yann, Bouillet Jean-Pierre, De Cassia Piccolo Marisa, Moreira Marcelo Zacarias, De Moraes Gonçalves Jose Leonardo, Roupsard Olivier, Laclau Jean-Paul. 2016. Forest Ecology and Management, 364 : pp. 77-89.

The qTSN positive effect on panicle and flag leaf Size of rice is associated with an early down-regulation of tillering. Adriani Dewi Erika, Lafarge Tanguy, Dardou Audrey, Fabro Aubrey, Clément-Vidal Anne, Yahya Sudirman, Dingkuhn Michaël, Luquet Delphine. 2016. Frontiers in Plant Science, 6 (1197), 17 p.


Bud, leaf and stem essential oil composition of Syzygium aromaticum from Madagascar, Indonesia and Zanzibar. Razafimamonjison Dina Emile Nicolas Gaylor, Jahiel Michel, Duclos Thierry, Ramanoelina Panja, Fawbush Fanjaniaina, Danthu Pascal. 2014. International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 3 (3) : pp. 224-233.

Exploring the variability of a photoperiod-insensitive sorghum genetic panel for stem composition and related traits in temperate environments. Trouche Gilles, Bastianelli Denis, Cao-Hamadou Tuong-Vi, Chantereau Jacques, Rami Jean-François, Pot David. 2014. Field Crops Research, 166 : pp. 72-81.

L'avenir prometteur du sorgho sucré en Haïti. Leclerc Elise, Pressoir Gaël, Braconnier Serge. 2014. Field Actions Science Reports (9), spec., 9 p.


Productividad y calidad nutricional de genotipos de sorgo para doble proposito. Gutiérrez Palacios Nury Deyanira, Chow Wong Zildghean, Bastianelli Denis, Bonnal Laurent, Obando Solis Rafael, Trouche Gilles. 2013. Agronomía Mesoamericana, 24 (1) : pp. 119-131.


Distribution and variability of silicon, copper and zinc in different bamboo species. Collin Blanche, Doelsch Emmanuel, Keller Catherine, Panfili Frédéric, Meunier Jean-Dominique. 2012. Plant and Soil, 351 (1-2) : pp. 377-387.

Resonance of scantlings indicates the stiffness even of small specimens of Eucalyptus from plantations. Gherardi Hein Paulo Ricardo, Tarcisio Lima Jose, Gril Joseph, Rosado Antônio Marcos, Brancheriau Loïc. 2012. Wood Science and Technology, 46 (4) : pp. 621-635.


Decoupled leaf and stem economics in rain forest trees. Baraloto Christopher, Paine C. E. Timothy, Poorter Lourens, Beauchêne Jacques, Bonal Damien, Domenach Anne-Marie, Hérault Bruno, Patiño Sandra, Roggy Jean-Christophe, Chave Jérôme. 2010. Ecology Letters, 13 (11) : pp. 1338-1347.

Functional analysis of sugar accumulation in sorghum stems and its competition with grain filling among contrasted genotypes. Gutjahr Sylvain, Clément-Vidal Anne, Trouche Gilles, Vaksmann Michel, Thera Korothimi, Sonderegger Nicole, Dingkuhn Michaël, Luquet Delphine. 2010. In : Proceedings of Agro 2010 : the XIth ESA Congress, August 29th - September 3rd, 2010, Montpellier, France. Wery Jacques (ed.), Shili-Touzi I. (ed.), Perrin A. (ed.). Montpellier : Agropolis international, pp. 89-90. ISBN 978-2-909613-01-7 ESA Congress. 11, Montpellier, France, 29 August 2010/3 September 2010.


Hydraulic and mechanical stem properties affect leaf-stem allometry in mango cultivars. Normand Frédéric, Bissery Claire, Damour Gaëlle, Lauri Pierre-Eric. 2008. New Phytologist, 178 (3) : pp. 590-602.

Potential contribution of dwarf and leaf longevity traits to yield improvement in photoperiod sensitive sorghum. Kouressy Mamoutou, Dingkuhn Michaël, Vaksmann Michel, Clément-Vidal Anne, Chantereau Jacques. 2008. European Journal of Agronomy, 28 (3) : pp. 195-209.


Arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization and nodulation improve flooding tolerance in Pterocarpus officinalis Jacq. seedlings. Fougnies Laétitia, Renciot Sabrina, Muller Félix, Plenchette Christian, Prin Yves, De Faria Sergio Miana, Bouvet Jean-Marc, Sylla Samba, Dreyfus Bernard, Bâ Amadou Moustapha. 2007. Mycorrhiza, 17 (3) : pp. 159-166.

Pluripotent versus totipotent plant stem cells: dependence versus autonomy ? Verdeil Jean-Luc, Alemanno Laurence, Niemenak Nicolas, Tranbarger Timothy John. 2007. Trends in Plant Science, 12 (6) : pp. 245-252.


Incidence de traitements lumineux sur le développement du riz : étude du méristème caulinaire apical. Skiker Samia. 2006. Angers : ESA, 43 p. Mémoire : Ecole supérieure d'agriculture d'Angers


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Variabilité morphologique, anatomique et architecturale du frêne oxyphylle (Fraxinus angustifolia Vahl. ssp. angustifolia). Ramirez de Arellano Fernando. 2005. Montpellier : USTL, 114 p. Thèse Etat : Biologie des organismes. Biologie de l'évolution et écologie : Université des sciences et techniques du Languedoc

Vers un modèle dynamique du méristème apical caulinaire d'Arabidopsis thaliana. Barbier de Reuille Pierre. 2005. Montpellier : UM2, 197 p. Thèse de doctorat : Informatique : Université Montpellier 2


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Evaluation de l'impact de la diffusion en milieu paysan de la technique PIF (Plants Issus de Fragments de tige). Delgrange Christelle. 2003. Orsay : Université de Paris-Sud, 83 p. Mémoire de fin d'études : Economie agricole internationale. Option Sécurité alimentaire dans les pays du Sud : Université de Paris-Sud

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