Note : application of neural network modelling for the control of dewatering and impregnation soaking process (osmotic dehydration)

Tréléa I.C., Raoult-Wack Anne-Lucie, Trystram Gilles. 1997. Note : application of neural network modelling for the control of dewatering and impregnation soaking process (osmotic dehydration). Food Science and Technology International, 3 (6) : pp. 459-465.

Journal article ; Article de revue à facteur d'impact
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Titre anglais : Nota: aplicacion del sistema de simulacion de redes rurales para el control de la deshidratation osmotica

Autre titre : Note : application du modèle du réseau neural pour le contrôle du processus de déshydratation et d'imprégnation par immersion (déshydratation osmotique)

Abstract : The aim of this work was to elaborate a predictive model of the mass transfer (water loss and solute gain) that occurs during dewatering and soaking by using neural network modelling. Two separate feedforward networks with one hidden layer were used (for water loss and solute gain respectively). Model validation was carried out on results obtained previously, which dealt with agar gel soaked in sucrose solution over a wide experimental range (temperature, 30-70 °C; solution concentration, 30-70 g sucrose/100g solution; time 0-500 min; agar concentration, 2-8%). The best results were obtained with three hidden neurons, which made it possible to predict mass transfer, with an accuracy at least as good as the experimental error, over the whole experimental range. The technological interest of such a model is related to a rapidity in simulation comparable to that of a traditional transfer function, a limited number of parameters and experimental data, and the fact that no preliminary assumption on the underlying mechanisms was needed. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés Agrovoc : Séchage osmotique, Immersion, Transfert de masse, Solute, Teneur en eau, Modèle de simulation, Modélisation

Classification Agris : Q02 - Food processing and preservation
U30 - Research methods

Auteurs et affiliations

  • Tréléa I.C.
  • Raoult-Wack Anne-Lucie
  • Trystram Gilles

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