Two new complete genome sequences offer Insight into host and tissue specificity of plant Pathogenic Xanthomonas spp.

Bogdanove Adam J., Koebnik Ralf, Lu Hong, Furutani Ayako, Angiuoli Samuel V., Patil Prabhu B., Van Sluys Marie-Anne, Ryan Robert P., Meyer Damien, Han Sang-Wook, Aparna Gudlur, Rajaram Misha, Delcher Arthur L., Phillippy Adam M., Puiu Daniela, Schatz Michael C., Shumway Martin, Sommer Daniel D., Trapnell Cole, Benahmed Faiza, Dimitrov George, Madupu Ramana, Radune Diana, Sullivan Steven, Jha Gopaljee, Ishihara Hiromichi, Lee Sang-Won, Pandey Alok, Sharma Vikas, Sriariyanun Malinee, Szurek Boris, Vera-Cruz Casiana M., Dorman Karin S., Ronald Pamela C., Verdier Valérie, Dow J. Maxwell, Sonti Ramesh V., Tsuge Seiji, Brendel Volker P., Rabinowicz Pablo D., Leach Jan E., White Frank F., Salzberg Steven L.. 2011. Two new complete genome sequences offer Insight into host and tissue specificity of plant Pathogenic Xanthomonas spp.. Journal of Bacteriology, 193 (19) : pp. 5450-5464.

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Quartile : Q2, Sujet : MICROBIOLOGY

Abstract : Xanthomonas is a large genus of bacteria that collectively cause disease on more than 300 plant species. The broad host range of the genus contrasts with stringent host and tissue specificity for individual species and pathovars. Whole-genome sequences of Xanthomonas campestris pv. raphani strain 756C and X. oryzae pv. oryzicola strain BLS256, pathogens that infect the mesophyll tissue of the leading models for plant biology, Arabidopsis thaliana and rice, respectively, were determined and provided insight into the genetic determinants of host and tissue specificity. Comparisons were made with genomes of closely related strains that infect the vascular tissue of the same hosts and across a larger collection of complete Xanthomonas genomes. The results suggest a model in which complex sets of adaptations at the level of gene content account for host specificity and subtler adaptations at the level of amino acid or noncoding regulatory nucleotide sequence determine tissue specificity. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés Agrovoc : Xanthomonas, Xanthomonas campestris, Xanthomonas oryzae, Arabidopsis thaliana, Oryza, Relation hôte pathogène, Génome, Plante hôte, Séquence d'acides aminés, Séquence nucléotidique, Phylogénie

Classification Agris : H20 - Plant diseases
F30 - Plant genetics and breeding

Champ stratégique Cirad : Axe 1 (2005-2013) - Intensification écologique

Auteurs et affiliations

  • Bogdanove Adam J., Iowa State University (USA)
  • Koebnik Ralf, IRD (FRA)
  • Lu Hong, Iowa State University (USA)
  • Furutani Ayako, National Institute of Agrobiological Resources (JPN)
  • Angiuoli Samuel V., University of Maryland (USA)
  • Patil Prabhu B., CSIR (IND)
  • Van Sluys Marie-Anne, Universidade de São Paulo (BRA)
  • Ryan Robert P., UCC (IRL)
  • Meyer Damien, CIRAD-BIOS-UMR CMAEE (GLP) ORCID: 0000-0003-2735-176X
  • Han Sang-Wook, UCR (USA)
  • Aparna Gudlur, CSIR (IND)
  • Rajaram Misha, Iowa State University (USA)
  • Delcher Arthur L., University of Maryland (USA)
  • Phillippy Adam M., University of Maryland (USA)
  • Puiu Daniela, University of Maryland (USA)
  • Schatz Michael C., University of Maryland (USA)
  • Shumway Martin, NIH (USA)
  • Sommer Daniel D., University of Maryland (USA)
  • Trapnell Cole, Iowa State University (USA)
  • Benahmed Faiza, TIGR (USA)
  • Dimitrov George, TIGR (USA)
  • Madupu Ramana, TIGR (USA)
  • Radune Diana, TIGR (USA)
  • Sullivan Steven, TIGR (USA)
  • Jha Gopaljee, CSIR (IND)
  • Ishihara Hiromichi, Colorado State University (USA)
  • Lee Sang-Won, UCR (USA)
  • Pandey Alok, CSIR (IND)
  • Sharma Vikas, CSIR (IND)
  • Sriariyanun Malinee, UCR (USA)
  • Szurek Boris, IRD (FRA)
  • Vera-Cruz Casiana M., IRRI (PHL)
  • Dorman Karin S., Iowa State University (USA)
  • Ronald Pamela C., UCR (USA)
  • Verdier Valérie, IRD (FRA)
  • Dow J. Maxwell, UCC (IRL)
  • Sonti Ramesh V., CSIR (IND)
  • Tsuge Seiji, Kyoto University (JPN)
  • Brendel Volker P., Iowa State University (USA)
  • Rabinowicz Pablo D., University of Maryland (USA)
  • Leach Jan E., Colorado State University (USA)
  • White Frank F., Kansas State University (USA)
  • Salzberg Steven L., University of Maryland (USA)

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