The Tropical managed Forests Observatory: a research network addressing the future of tropical logged forests

Sist Plinio, Rutishauser Ervan, Peña-Claros Marielos, Shenkin Alexander, Hérault Bruno, Blanc Lilian, Baraloto Christopher, Baya Fidèle, Bénédet Fabrice, Da Silva Katia Emidio, Descroix Laurent, Ferreira Joice, Gourlet-Fleury Sylvie, Carneiro Guedes Marcelino, Bin Harun Ismail, Jalonen Riina, Kanashiro Milton, Krisnawati Haruni, Kshatriya Mrigesh, Lincoln Philippa, Mazzei Lucas, Medjibé Vincent, Nasi Robert, De Oliveira Marcus Vinicius, De Oliveira Luis, Picard Nicolas, Pietsch Stephan, Pinard Michelle A., Priyadi Hari, Putz Francis E., Rodney Ken, Rossi Vivien, Roopsind Anand, Ruschel Ademir R., Shari Nur Hajar Zamah, Rodrigues de Souza Cintia, Susanty Farida Herry, Sotta Eleneide Doff, Toledo Marisol, Vidal Edson, West Thales A.P., Wortel Verginia, Yamada Toshihiro. 2015. The Tropical managed Forests Observatory: a research network addressing the future of tropical logged forests. Applied Vegetation Science, 18 (1) : pp. 171-174.

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Quartile : Q1, Sujet : FORESTRY / Quartile : Q2, Sujet : PLANT SCIENCES / Quartile : Q2, Sujet : ECOLOGY

Abstract : While attention on logging in the tropics has been increasing, studies on the long-term effects of silviculture on forest dynamics and ecology remain scare and spatially limited. Indeed, most of our knowledge on tropical forests arises from studies carried out in undisturbed tropical forests. This bias is problematic given that logged and disturbed tropical forests are now covering a larger area than the so-called primary forests. A new network of permanent sample plots in logged forests, the Tropical managed Forests Observatory (TmFO), aims to fill this gap by providing unprecedented opportunities to examine long-term data on the resilience of logged tropical forests at regional and global scales. TmFO currently includes 24 experimental sites distributed across three tropical regions, with a total of 490 permanent plots and 921 ha of forest inventories. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés Agrovoc : forêt tropicale, Cycle du carbone, Changement climatique, Écosystème, Sylviculture

Mots-clés géographiques Agrovoc : Amazonie, Asie du Sud-Est, Afrique

Classification Agris : K10 - Forestry production
K01 - Forestry - General aspects
P40 - Meteorology and climatology

Champ stratégique Cirad : Axe 6 (2014-2018) - Sociétés, natures et territoires

Auteurs et affiliations

  • Sist Plinio, CIRAD-ES-UPR BSef (FRA)
  • Rutishauser Ervan, Carbofor-Expert (CHE)
  • Peña-Claros Marielos, Wageningen University and Research Centre (NLD)
  • Shenkin Alexander, UCR (USA)
  • Hérault Bruno, CIRAD-ES-UMR Ecofog (GUF) ORCID: 0000-0002-6950-7286
  • Blanc Lilian, CIRAD-ES-UPR BSef (BRA)
  • Baraloto Christopher, INRA (GUF)
  • Baya Fidèle, Ministère des eaux et forêts, chasses, pêches et tourisme (République centrafricaine) (CAF)
  • Bénédet Fabrice, CIRAD-ES-UPR BSef (FRA) ORCID: 0000-0001-9281-5677
  • Da Silva Katia Emidio, EMBRAPA (BRA)
  • Descroix Laurent, ONF (GUF)
  • Ferreira Joice, EMBRAPA (BRA)
  • Gourlet-Fleury Sylvie, CIRAD-ES-UPR BSef (FRA) ORCID: 0000-0002-1136-4307
  • Carneiro Guedes Marcelino, EMBRAPA (BRA)
  • Bin Harun Ismail, FRIM [Forest Research Institute Malaysia] (MYS)
  • Jalonen Riina, Bioversity International (MYS)
  • Kanashiro Milton, EMBRAPA (BRA)
  • Krisnawati Haruni, FORDA (IDN)
  • Kshatriya Mrigesh, CIFOR (IDN)
  • Lincoln Philippa, LTS International (GBR)
  • Mazzei Lucas, EMBRAPA (BRA)
  • Medjibé Vincent, Duke University (USA)
  • Nasi Robert, CIFOR (IDN)
  • De Oliveira Marcus Vinicius, EMBRAPA (BRA)
  • De Oliveira Luis, EMBRAPA (BRA)
  • Picard Nicolas, CIRAD-ES-UPR BSef (CMR)
  • Pietsch Stephan, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (AUT)
  • Pinard Michelle A., University of Aberdeen (GBR)
  • Priyadi Hari, CIFOR (IDN)
  • Putz Francis E., University of Florida (USA)
  • Rodney Ken, Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development (GUF)
  • Rossi Vivien, CIRAD-ES-UPR BSef (CMR) ORCID: 0000-0001-5458-1523
  • Roopsind Anand, University of Florida (USA)
  • Ruschel Ademir R., EMBRAPA (BRA)
  • Shari Nur Hajar Zamah, FRIM [Forest Research Institute Malaysia] (MYS)
  • Rodrigues de Souza Cintia, EMBRAPA (BRA)
  • Susanty Farida Herry, FORDA (IDN)
  • Sotta Eleneide Doff, EMBRAPA (BRA)
  • Toledo Marisol, IBIF (BOL)
  • Vidal Edson, Universidade de São Paulo (BRA)
  • West Thales A.P., UCR (USA)
  • Wortel Verginia, CELOS (SUR)
  • Yamada Toshihiro, Hiroshima Kasei (JPN)

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