AquaStress.D 5.3-1. Survey on Past Experiences and Practices on the Use of Roleplaying Games in the Field of Water Management

Dionnet Mathieu, Barreteau Olivier, Daré William's, Jourdain Damien, Jamin Jean-Yves. 2006. AquaStress.D 5.3-1. Survey on Past Experiences and Practices on the Use of Roleplaying Games in the Field of Water Management. Montpellier : CIRAD, 35 p.

Appraisal report
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Abstract : The first part of the present report gives some key ideas on how to better assess the general aim of the WB5.3, which is to test options proposed by the WB3 with Role-Playing Games (RPGs) and simulations with stakeholders and end-users. Role-Playing Games involve a rich and diverse range of approaches and methods. This report gives a general idea of what RPGs are and in which field of application they are used. It then overviews the different types of RPGs and what specificities they all share. It continues with a synthesis of games used in the field of water management in order to give a general view of past work and point out some general lessons on the use of such tools. This survey shows that RPGs are relevant tools to deal with social issues involved in water management. The second part of the report proposes a common framework to develop Role-Playing Games (RPGs) in the AquaStress project. We assume that RPGs can be used for two purposes that fit into both phases that involve stakeholders: (1) to define which option(s) policy makers, stakeholders and technical experts want to develop and implement, and (2) to test and evaluate the chosen option(s). This report reviews the design modalities of these RPGs, the way to describe their architecture and dynamic, their analysis frame and the type of evaluation that should be made. The aim of this framework is to inform the AquaStress partners about the type of RPG we propose to use in the project and for what purpose they will be developed, but also to help the designers of RPGs to make comparisons between RPGs and give them the possibility to reuse the shared characteristics among RPGs.

Agence(s) de financement européenne(s) : European Commission

Programme de financement européen : FP6

Projet(s) de financement européen(s) : Mitigation of Water Stress through new Approaches to Integrating Management, Technical, Economic and Institutional Instruments

Auteurs et affiliations

  • Dionnet Mathieu, CEMAGREF (FRA)
  • Barreteau Olivier, CEMAGREF (FRA)
  • Daré William's, CIRAD-TERA-UPR GREEN (REU)
  • Jourdain Damien, CIRAD-CA-UPR Gestion de l'eau (VNM)
  • Jamin Jean-Yves, CIRAD-TERA-UPR Gestion de l'eau (FRA) ORCID: 0000-0001-8540-7317

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