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Fungal diseases affecting oil palm. Joon Sheong Tan, Yang Ping Lee, Alwee Sharifah Shahrul Rabiah Syed, Camus-Kulandaivelu Létizia, Mercière Maxime, Zaremski Alba, Breton Frédéric, Klopp Christophe. 2018. In : Achieving sustainable cultivation of oil palm. Volume 2: Diseases, pests, quality and sustainability. Rival Alain (ed.). Cambridge : Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing, pp. 3-22. (Burleigh Dodds Series in Agricultural Science, 28) ISBN 978-1-78676-108-8


Bacterial diseases of bananas and enset: Current state of knowledge and integrated approaches toward sustainable management. Blomme Guy, Dita Miguel A., Jacobsen Kim Sarah, Pérez Vicente Luis, Molina Agustin, Ocimati Walter, Poussier Stéphane, Prior Philippe. 2017. Frontiers in Plant Science, 8:1290, 25 p.

Eggplant resistance to the Ralstonia solanacearum species complex involves both broad-spectrum and strain-specific quantitative trait loci. Salgon Sylvia, Jourda Cyril, Sauvage Christopher, Daunay Marie-Christine, Reynaud Bernard, Wicker Emmanuel, Dintinger Jacques. 2017. Frontiers in Plant Science, 8:828, 21 p.



Recherche et création de variétés de papayer (Carica papaya) tolérantes à la bactériose (Erwinia sp.) aux Antilles françaises. Le Bellec Fabrice, Ollitrault Patrick, Bruyère Saturnin, Argoud Laurence, Calabre Corinne, Pancarte Clovel, Carreel Françoise, Vingadassalon Frédéric, Gallard Anthony, Chantry Nina. 2004. In : Réunion annuelle Flhor, Montpellier, 5-9 juillet 2004. CIRAD-FLHOR-ARF. Montpellier : CIRAD, 14 p. Réunion annuelle FLHOR, Montpellier, France, 5 July 2004/9 July 2004.


Description of a new disease on Erythrina sp. in Martinique (French West Indies) and preliminary characterization of the causal agent as a novel Erwinia species. Sutra L., Prior Philippe, Perlemoine K., Risède Jean-Michel, Cao Van Philippe, Gardan Louis. 1999. Plant Pathology, 48 (2) : pp. 253-259.


Description d'Erwinia erythrinae sp. nov., nouvelle bactérie pathogène de l'érythrine (Erythrina sp.). Sutra L., Prior Philippe, Cao Van Philippe, Gardan Louis. 1998. In : Troisièmes rencontres de phytobactériologie. INRA, CNRS. Castanet-Tolosan : INRA, p. 42. Rencontres de phytobactériologie. 3, Aussois, France, 11 January 1998/15 January 1998.



Bacterial canker of papaya in the Caribbean : present status and F.W.I. research programs. De Lapeyre Luc, Prior Philippe, Lyannaz Jean-Paul, Bakry Frédéric, Monmarson Sophie, Gardan Louis, Feldmann Philippe. 1994. In : IICA Proceedings of the papaya seminar industry. Capesterre-Belle-Eau : CIRAD-FLHOR, pp. 53-59. Papaya Seminar Industry, Kingston, Jamaïque, 24 October 1994/26 October 1994.


Bacterial canker of papaya caused by Erwinia sp. Prior Philippe, Béramis M., De Lapeyre Luc, Lyannaz Jean-Paul, Frossard Pierre. 1992. In : Second regional workshop on tropical fruit crops : papaya, pineapple, mango. IICA-PROCAFE. Port of Spain : IICA, pp. 62-66. (Regional Workshop on Tropical Fruit Crops IICA) Regional Workshop on Tropical Fruit Crops. 2, Jolly Beach, Antigua-et-Barbuda, 1 December 1991/6 December 1991.


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