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Microwave-assisted one-pot lipid extraction and glycolipid production from oleaginous yeast Saitozyma podzolica in sugar alcohol-based media. Delavault André, Ochs Katarina, Gorte Olga, Syldatk Christoph, Durand Erwann, Ochsenreither Katrin. 2021. Molecules, 26:470, 16 p.

Quantitative monitoring of galactolipid hydrolysis by pancreatic lipase-related protein 2 using thin layer chromatography and thymol-sulfuric acid derivatization. Sahaka Moulay, Amara Sawsan, Lecomte Jérôme, Rodier Jean-David, Lafont Dominique, Villeneuve Pierre, Gontero Brigitte, Carrière Frédéric. 2021. Journal of Chromatography. B, 1173:122674, 9 p.


The digestion of galactolipids and its ubiquitous function in Nature for the uptake of the essential α-linolenic acid. Sahaka Moulay, Amara Sawsan, Wattanakul Jutarat, Gedi Mohamed A., Aldai Noelia, Parsiegla Goetz, Lecomte Jérôme, Christeller John T., Gray David, Gontero Brigitte, Villeneuve Pierre, Carrière Frédéric. 2020. Food and Function, 11 (8) : pp. 6710-6744.
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Glycolipid composition of Hevea brasiliensis latex. Liengprayoon Siriluck, Sriroth Klanarong, Dubreucq Eric, Vaysse Laurent. 2011. Phytochemistry, 72 (14-15) : pp. 1902-1913.


Analysis of the milling reduction of bread wheat farina: Physical and biochemical characterisation. Greffeuille V., Abécassis Joël, Barouh Nathalie, Villeneuve Pierre, Mabille F., Bar L'Helgouac C., Lullien-Pellerin Valérie. 2007. Journal of Cereal Science, 45°1 : pp. 97-105.

Enhanced solvent extraction of polar lipids associated with rubber particles for Hevea brasiliensis. Bonfils Frédéric, Ehabe Ejolle Eugène, Aymard Christian, Vaysse Laurent, Sainte-Beuve Jérôme. 2007. Phytochemical Analysis, 18 (2) : pp. 103-108.

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