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Asynchrony in shoot and root phenological relationships in hybrid walnut. Mohamed Awaz, Monnier Yogan, Mao Zhun, Jourdan Christophe, Sabatier Sylvie-Annabel, Dupraz Christian, Dufour Lydie, Millan Mathilde, Stokes Alexia. 2020. New Forests, 51 (1) : pp. 41-60.

Role of trees and herbaceous vegetation beneath trees in maintaining arbuscular mycorrhizal communities in temperate alley cropping systems. Battie Laclau Patricia, Taschen Elisa, Plassard Claude, Dezette Damien, Abadie Josiane, Arnal Didier, Benezech Philippe, Duthoit Maxime, Pablo Anne-laure, Jourdan Christophe, Laclau Jean-Paul, Bertrand Isabelle, Taudière Adrien, Hinsinger Philippe. 2020. Plant and Soil, 453 : pp. 153-171.
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High organic inputs explain shallow and deep SOC storage in a long-term agroforestry system – combining experimental and modeling approaches. Cardinael Rémi, Guenet Bertrand, Chevallier Tiphaine, Dupraz Christian, Cozzi Thomas, Chenu Claire. 2018. Biogeosciences, 15 (1) : pp. 297-317.


Increased soil organic carbon stocks under agroforestry: a survey of six different sites in France. Cardinael Rémi, Chevallier Tiphaine, Cambou Aurélie, Béral Camille, Barthès Bernard, Dupraz Christian, Durand Céline, Kouakoua Ernest, Chenu Claire. 2017. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 236 : pp. 243-255.


Unexpected phenology and lifespan of shallow and deep fine roots of walnut trees grown in a silvoarable Mediterranean agroforestry system. Germon Amandine, Cardinael Rémi, Prieto Iván, Mao Zhun, Kim John H., Stokes Alexia, Dupraz Christian, Laclau Jean-Paul, Jourdan Christophe. 2016. Plant and Soil, 401 (1-2) : pp. 409-426.


Competition with winter crops induces deeper rooting of walnut trees in a Mediterranean alley cropping agroforestry system. Cardinael Rémi, Mao Zhun, Prieto Iván, Stokes Alexia, Dupraz Christian, Kim John H., Jourdan Christophe. 2015. Plant and Soil, 391 (1) : pp. 219-235.
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Impact of alley cropping agroforestry on stocks, forms and spatial distribution of soil organic carbon — A case study in a Mediterranean context. Cardinael Rémi, Chevallier Tiphaine, Barthès Bernard, Saby Nicolas, Parent Théophile, Dupraz Christian, Bernoux Martial, Chenu Claire. 2015. Geoderma, 259-260 : pp. 288-299.


Growing woody biomass for bioenergy in a tree-based intercropping system in southern Ontario, Canada. Cardinael Rémi, Thevathasan Naresh, Gordon Andrew, Clinch Rachelle, Mohammed Idris, Sidders Derek. 2012. AgroForestry Systems, 86 (2) : pp. 279-286.


Modelling foliage characteristics in 3D tree crowns : Influence on light interception and leaf irradiance. Parveaud Claude Eric, Chopard Jérôme, Dauzat Jean, Courbaud Benoît, Auclair Daniel. 2008. Trees, 22 (1) : pp. 87-104.


Influence of morphometric characteristics of the hybride walnut tree (Juglans nigra x Juglans regia) crown on its radiative balance. Parveaud Claude Eric, Sabatier Sylvie-Annabel, Dauzat Jean, Auclair Daniel. 2003. In : Plant growth modeling and applications. Proceedings PMA03 : The First International symposium on plant growth modeling, simulation, visualization and their applications, Beijing, China, October 13-16, 2003. Hu Bao-Gang (ed.), Jaeger Marc (ed.). Institut d'automatique-LIAMA, Chinese Agriculture University. Pékin : Tsinghua University Press, pp. 296-304. ISBN 7-302-07140-3 International Symposium on Plant Growth Modeling, Simulation, Visualization and their Applications (PMA03). 1, Pékin, Chine, 13 October 2003/16 October 2003.


La technique du micropied-mère appliquée au genre Juglans. Le Bouler Hervé, Rondouin M., Beauperin V., Verger M.. 2002. In : Multiplication végétative des ligneux forestiers, fruitiers et ornementaux : troisième rencontre du groupe de la Sainte Catherine, Orléans du 22 au 24 novembre 2000. Verger M. (ed.). Loiret-Conseil général, Ville d'Orléans, INRA, CTA, CIRAD. Montpellier : CIRAD ISBN 2-87614-498-0 Rencontre du groupe de la Sainte Catherine. 3, Orléans, France, 22 November 2000/24 November 2000.


Diameter and height growth curves for widely-spaced trees in European agroforestry. Cabanettes A., Auclair Daniel, Imam W.. 1999. In : Agroforestry for sustainable land-use. Fundamental research and modelling with emphasis on temperate and Mediterranean applications : selected papers from a workshop held in Montpellier, France, 23-29 June 1997. Auclair Daniel (ed.), Dupraz Christian (ed.). CIRAD, INRA. Dordrecht : Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 169-181. (Forestry Sciences, 60) ISBN 0-7923-5799-X Atelier International sur L'agroforesterie pour un Développement Rural Durable, Montpellier, France, 23 June 1997/29 June 1997.

Variabilité morphologique et architecturale de deux espèces de noyers : Juglans regia L., Juglans nigra L. et de deux noyers hybrides interspécifiques. Sabatier Sylvie-Annabel. 1999. Montpellier : UM2, 182 p. Thèse de doctorat : Biologie de l'évolution et écologie : Université Montpellier 2


Diameter and height growth curves for widely-spaced trees in European agroforestry. Cabanettes A., Auclair Daniel, Imam W.. 1998. AgroForestry Systems, 43 (1-3) : pp. 169-181. Atelier International sur L'agroforesterie pour un Développement Rural Durable, Montpellier, France, 23 June 1997/29 June 1997.


Gradients morphologiques et biochimiques chez un noyer hybride (Juglans nigra x Juglans regia). Jay Allemand Christian, Barthélémy Daniel, Sabatier Sylvie-Annabel, Bruant B.. 1995. In : Architecture des arbres fruitiers et forestiers. Bouchon Jean (ed.). INRA. Paris : INRA, pp. 125-138. ISBN 2-7380-0623-X Colloque sur l'architecture des arbres fruitiers et forestiers, Montpellier, France, 23 November 1993/25 November 1993.

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