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Sink regulation in rice as a way to explain contrasted performances of high-yielding genotypes: An approach to improve the efficiency of grain filling and of resources use under climate change constraints? Lafarge Tanguy. 2017. Montpellier : Université de Montpellier, 61 p. Habilitation à diriger des recherches : Université de Montpellier


Regulation of galactomannan biosynthesis in coffee seeds. Joët Thierry, Laffargue Andréina, Salmona Jordi, Doulbeau Sylvie, Descroix Frédéric, Bertrand Benoît, Lashermes Philippe, Dussert Stéphane. 2014. Journal of Experimental Botany, 65 (1) : pp. 323-337.


Grain, sugar and biomass accumulation in photoperiod-sensitive sorghums. II. Biochemical processes at internode level and interaction with phenology. Gutjahr Sylvain, Clément-Vidal Anne, Soutiras Armelle, Sonderegger Nicole, Braconnier Serge, Dingkuhn Michaël, Luquet Delphine. 2013. Functional Plant Biology, 40 (4) : pp. 355-368.

Grain, sugar and biomass accumulation in tropical sorghums. I. Trade-offs and effects of phenological plasticity. Gutjahr Sylvain, Vaksmann Michel, Dingkuhn Michaël, Thera Korothimi, Trouche Gilles, Braconnier Serge, Luquet Delphine. 2013. Functional Plant Biology, 40 (4) : pp. 342-354.


Caractérisation des effets d'un stress hydrique postfloral chez le sorgho. Perez Sarah. 2006. Créteil : Université de Paris-Val-de-Marne, 34 p. Mémoire de master : Bioressources. Option. Régions Tropicales et Méditerranéennes : Université de Paris-Val-de-Marne

Parameter optimization and field validation of the functional-structural model GREENLAB for maize. Guo Yan, Ma Yuntao, Zhan Zhigang, Li Baoguo, Dingkuhn Michaël, Luquet Delphine, De Reffye Philippe. 2006. Annals of Botany, 97 (2) : pp. 217-230.


Characterizing stress effects on rice grain development and filling using grain weight and size distribution. Fabre Denis, Siband Pierre-Lucien, Dingkuhn Michaël. 2005. Field Crops Research, 92 (1) : pp. 11-16.


Genetic variation in performance under reproductive-stage water deficit in a doubled haploid rice population in upland fields. Lafitte Renée Honor, Courtois Brigitte. 2000. In : Molecular approaches for the genetic improvement of cereals for stable production in water-limited environments : A strategic planning workshop held at CIMMYT, El Batan, Mexico, 21-25 June 1999, with support from the Rockeffeller Foundation. Ribaut Jean-Marcel (ed.), Poland David (ed.). CIMMYT. Mexico : CIMMYT, pp. 97-102. ISBN 970-648-052-8 Workshop on Molecular Approaches for the Genetic Improvement of Cereals for Stable Production in Water-limited Environments, El Batan, Mexique, 21 June 1999/25 June 1999.


Contribution à une meilleure connaissance du fonctionnement de la plante mais (partie 1 - travail réalisé. partie 2 - publications). Gay Jean-Pierre. 1989. Lyon : Université de Lyon 1, 127 p. Thèse de doctorat : Physiologie Végétale. Agronomie : Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

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