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Whole-genome sequences of Xanthomonas euvesicatoria strains clarify taxonomy and reveal a stepwise erosion of type 3 effectors. Barak Jeri D., Vancheva Taca, Lefeuvre Pierre, Jones Jeffrey B., Timilsina Sujan, Minsavage Gerald V., Vallad Gary E., Koebnik Ralf. 2016. Frontiers in Plant Science, 7 (1805), 12 p.


Multilocus sequence analysis of xanthomonads causing bacterial spot of tomato and pepper plants reveals strains generated by recombination among species and recent global spread of Xanthomonas gardneri. Timilsina Sujan, Jibrin Mustafa O., Potnis Neha, Minsavage Gerald V., Kebede Misrak, Schwartz Allison, Bart Rebecca, Staskawicz Brian, Boyer Claudine, Vallad Gary E., Pruvost Olivier, Jones Jeffrey R., Goss Erica. 2015. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 81 (4) : pp. 1520-1529.


Genetic and pathological diversity among Xanthomonas strains responsible for bacterial spot on tomato and pepper in the Southwest Indian Ocean Region. Hamza Abdou Azali, Robène-Soustrade Isabelle, Jouen Emmanuel, Gagnevin Lionel, Lefeuvre Pierre, Chiroleu Frédéric, Pruvost Olivier. 2010. Plant Disease, 94 (8) : pp. 993-999.

Les Xanthomonas responsable de la gale bactérienne de la tomate et du piment : la classification revisitée. Hamza Abdou Azali, Robène-Soustrade Isabelle, Jouen Emmanuel, Boyer Claudine, Laurent Annie, Vital Karine, Pruvost Olivier. 2010. In : Neuvièmes Rencontres plantes-bactéries, 18-22 janvier 2010, Aussois (France) : résumés. SFP, IRD. Paris : SFP, Résumé, p. 37. Rencontres plantes-bactéries. 9, Aussois, France, 18 January 2010/22 January 2010.

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