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Atlas of changes in livestock farming systems, livelihoods and landscapes of the North West coast of Egypt. Bonnet Pascal (ed.), Alary Véronique (ed.), Aboulnaga A.M. (ed.), Daoud Ibrahim, Fawzi Abdel-Kader, Saidi Slim, Abdelzaher Mona, Duarte Laura, Tourrand Jean-François, Moselhy Naeem, Bastianelli Denis, Hassan Ferial, Salama Omar, Boutonnet Jean-Pierre, Taha Hosni, Martin Vincent. 2014. Montpellier : CIRAD-ARC-APRI, 64 p. ISBN 978-2-87614-700-3

Communication avec actes

Role of mobility to face long drought (1995-2011) in the Coastal Zone of Western Desert (Egypt). Alary Véronique, Aboulnaga A.M., Bonnet Pascal, Osman Mona A., Tourrand Jean-François. 2013. In : Book of Abstracts of the 64th annual meeting of the European federation of animal science, Nantes, France, 26-30 August, 2013. EAAP. The Netherlands : Wageningen Academic Publishers, Résumé, 169. ISBN 978-90-8686-228-3

Communication sans actes

Contribution of livestock to the livelihood of local communities at different agro ecological zones in the coastal area of Westem Desert in Egypt. Aboulnaga A.M., Alary Véronique, Osman Mona A., Tourrand Jean-François. 2013. In : Global Climate Change and its Impact on food and Energy Security in the Drylands. Eleventh International Dryland Development Conference, 18-21 March 2013, Beijing, China : Abstracts et orgal presentations. International Dryland Development Commission. Beijing : International Dryland Development Commision, Résumé, 101-102.

Rapport d'expertise

The future of Mediterranean Livestock Farming Systems: Opportunity and efficiency of Crops – Livestock Integration. Final report CLIMED. Alary Véronique, Moulin Charles-Henri, Lasseur Jacques, Aboulnaga A.M., Sraïri Mohamed Taher. 2017. s.l. : Projet Arimnet-Union Européenne, 60 p.

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