Constraints and feasibility of organic Tahiti lime in Martinique

Lavigne Christian, Pancarte Clovel, Bertin Yves, Ducelier Daniel, Jannoyer Magalie. 2007. Constraints and feasibility of organic Tahiti lime in Martinique. In : Fruticultura : II Simposio Internacional de Fruticultura Tropical y Subtropical, 17-21 Septiembre, La Habana, Cuba. s.l. : s.n., Résumé, 1 p. Simposio Internacional de Fruticultura Tropical y Subtropical. 2, La Havane, Cuba, 17 September 2007/21 September 2007.

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Titre espagnol : Dificuldades y practicabilidad de la producción orgánica de limas Tahiti en Martinica

Abstract : Organic production of citrus in Martinique seems to be a challenge because of the strong parasitic pressure existing in wet tropical zone. The producers were thus brought to use huge amounts of numerous chemicals. The purpose of this trial is to test the feasibility and the profitability of a Tahiti lime orchard managed according to the European requirements for organic farming. A comparison between standard and organic practices of Tahiti lime grafted onto Citrus volkameriana shows that the yield cumulated over 6 years is similar for both farming systems. The constraints of the organic farming come partly from the high price of the authorized inputs which are imported, but mainly from the difficulty to control weeds in the orchard. Without irrigation, the chosen cover crop, Arachis pintoi, becomes strongly competitive with the tree for water during dry periods. A mulch of sugar cane bagasse placed under the canopy of the tree does not suppress this competition, because of the cover crop aggressiveness with its powerful reticulum of stolons. The selection of the cover crop which will be associated to the orchard is thus of prior importance. It must be competitive enough against weeds, but not against the main crop. To refine our choice, we built up an evaluation grid for various methods of weed control to select grasses with weak vegetative growth, similar to lawn, which seem less competitive than legumes and more easily controlled by mulching. Introduction of animals in the orchard for the maintenance of the cover crop is also under study. [résumé d'auteur]

Mots-clés Agrovoc : Agriculture biologique, Étude de faisabilité, Citrus volkameriana, Plante de couverture, Arachis pintoi, Pratique culturale

Mots-clés géographiques Agrovoc : Martinique

Classification Agris : F08 - Cropping patterns and systems

Auteurs et affiliations

  • Lavigne Christian, CIRAD-PERSYST-UPR Production fruitière (MTQ)
  • Pancarte Clovel, CIRAD-PERSYST-UPR Production fruitière (MTQ)
  • Bertin Yves
  • Ducelier Daniel
  • Jannoyer Magalie, CIRAD-PERSYST-UPR Production fruitière (MTQ)

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