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The Agritrop site came on line in June 2015.

Legal Notice

The information displayed undergoes data processing to present CIRAD publications. The data are intended for “all audiences”. In compliance with the French freedom of information law dated 6 January 1978 and modified in 2004, you have the right to access and rectify any information concerning you, by writing to:

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You may also, with legitimate reason, object to the processing of data concerning you.

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CIRAD recommendations for the signature of publications

Recommendations to CIRAD staff for the signing of their publications within the framework of the I-Site Muse (Montpellier Univerity of Excellence) : (PDG.17.09.64-ME.bp, PDF)

CIRAD policy on the deposit of publications

Institutional repository, dissemination and use of scientific and technical publications by CIRAD staff (lettre PDG.15.09.59/ME.dl, PDF)

CIRAD Policy on Open Access

CIRAD is committed to open access (Sept 2019, PDF)

Hypertext links

The creation of a hypertext link to on of the pages of the Agritrop website mus mention the name of CIRAD.

Conditions for metadata use

Agritrop bibliographical references are accessible and can be consulted and printed free of charge. Agritrop bibliographical references can be re-used for non-profit purposes without prior permission, subject to indicating the identifier of the reference, providing a link to the reference of the Agritrop database, and mentioning the source (CIRAD-Agritrop). Any use of Agritrop bibliographical sources for commercial purposes requires CIRAD’s prior authorization in writing.

Conditions for publication use

The publications stored and accessible via the Agritrop website are the property of their authors. They are protected by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code. Each publication is covered by a distribution licence indicated in the full bibliographical reference. Any use of publications must comply with that licence.


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