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Comparative vector competence of the Afrotropical soft tick Ornithodoros moubata and Palearctic species, O. erraticus and O. verrucosus, for African swine fever virus strains circulating in Eurasia. Pereira De Oliveira Rémi, Hutet Evelyne, Paboeuf Frédéric, Duhayon Maxime, Boinas Fernando, Pérez de León Adalberto A., Filatov Sehrii, Vial Laurence, Le Potier Marie-Frédérique. 2019. PloS One, 14 (11):e0225657, 16 p.

Near real-time agriculture monitoring at national scale at parcel resolution: Performance assessment of the Sen2-Agri automated system in various cropping systems around the world. Defourny Pierre, Bontemps Sophie, Bellemans Nicolas, Cara Cosmin, Dedieu Gérard, Guzzonato Eric, Hagolle Olivier, Inglada Jordi, Nicola Laurentiu, Rabaute Thierry, Savinaud Mickael, Udroiu Cosmin, Valero Silvia, Bégué Agnès, Dejoux Jean-François, El Harti Abderrazak, Ezzahar Jamal, Kussul Nataliia, Labbassi Kamal, Lebourgeois Valentine, Miao Zhang, Newby Terrence, Nyamugama Adolph, Salh Norakhan, Shelestov Andrii, Simonneaux Vincent, Traoré Pierre Sibiry, Traore Souleymane Sidi, Koetz Benjamin. 2019. Remote Sensing of Environment, 221 : pp. 551-568.

Roadside collection of training data for cropland mapping is viable when environmental and management gradients are surveyed. Waldner François, Bellemans Nicolas, Hochman Zvi, Newby Terrence, de Abelleyra Diego, Verón Santiago R., Bartalev Sergey, Lavreniuk Mykola, Kussul Nataliia, Le Maire Guerric, Simoes Margareth, Skakun Sergii, Defourny Pierre. 2019. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 80 : pp. 82-93.


Résilience et environnement : penser les changements socio-écologiques. Mathevet Raphaël, Bousquet François. 2014. Paris : Buchet/Chastel, 169 p. ISBN 978-2-283-02736-3


Agrumes (dossier). Imbert Eric. 2013. Fruitrop (Ed. Française) (216) : pp. 29-78.

Citrus (a report). Imbert Eric. 2013. Fruitrop (English ed.) (216) : pp. 29-78.


A brief information on rice growing and researches in Ukraine. Sudin V.U.. 2002. In : Rice genetic resources and breeding for Europe and other temperate areas : proceedings of Eurorice 2001 Symposium, Cirad, Ird, Ksau, Krasnodar Territory, Vniirisa, September, 3-8, 2001, Krasnodar, Russia. CIRAD, IRD, KSAU, Krasnodar. Montpellier : CIRAD ISBN 2-87614-504-9 Eurorice 2001 Symposium, Krasnodar, Russie, 3 September 2001/8 September 2001.

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