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Genome-wide association mapping of leaf mass traits in a Vietnamese rice landrace panel. Hoang Giang Thi, Gantet Pascal, Nguyen Kien Huu, Phung Nhung Thi Phuong, Ha Loan Thi, Nguyen Tuan Thanh, Lebrun Michel, Courtois Brigitte, Pham Xuan Hoi. 2019. PloS One, 14 (7):e0219274, 18 p.


Origin and dispersal of domesticated peach palm. Clément Charles R., De Cristo-Araujo Michelly, Coppens D'Eeckenbrugge Geo, Maciel dos Reis Vanessa, Lehnebach Romain, Picanço-Rodrigues Doriane. 2017. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 5 (148), 19 p.

Tropical rainforests that persisted: inferences from the Quaternary demographic history of eight tree species in the Guiana shield. Barthe Stéphanie, Binelli Giorgio, Hérault Bruno, Scotti-Saintagne Caroline, Sabatier Daniel, Scotti Ivan. 2017. Molecular Ecology, 26 (4) : pp. 1161-1174.


The chloroplast genome of the hexaploid Spartina maritima (Poaceae, Chloridoideae): Comparative analyses and molecular dating. Rousseau-Gueutin Mathieu, Bellot Sidonie, Martin Guillaume, Boutte Julien, Chelaifa Houda, Lima Oscar, Michon-Coudouel Sophie, Naquin Delphine, Salmon Armel, Ainouche K., Ainouche Malika Lily. 2015. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 93 : pp. 5-16.


Cost-effective enrichment hybridization capture of chloroplast genomes at deep multiplexing levels for population genetics and phylogeography studies. Mariac Cédric, Scarcelli Nora, Pouzadou Juliette, Barnaud Adeline, Billot Claire, Faye Adama, Kougbeadjo Ayite, Maillol Vincent, Martin Guillaume, Sabot François, Santoni Sylvain, Vigouroux Yves, Couvreur Thomas. 2014. Molecular Ecology Resources, 14 (6) : pp. 1103-1113.

Phenol homeostasis is ensured in vanilla fruit by storage under solid form in a new chloroplast-derived organelle, the phenyloplast. Brillouet Jean-Marc, Verdeil Jean-Luc, Odoux Eric, Lartaud Marc, Grisoni Michel, Conejero Geneviève. 2014. Journal of Experimental Botany, 65 (9) : pp. 2427-2435.

Phylogenetic reconstruction methods: An overview. De Bruyn Alexandre, Martin Darren Patrick, Lefeuvre Pierre. 2014. In : Molecular Plant Taxonomy. by Pascale Besse (ed.). New York : Humana Press, pp. 257-277. (Mehtods in Molecular Biology, 1115) ISBN 978-1-62703-766-2

The first complete chloroplast genome of the Genistoid legume Lupinus luteus: evidence for a novel major lineage-specific rearrangement and new insights regarding plastome evolution in the legume family. Martin Guillaume, Rousseau-Gueutin Mathieu, Cordonnier Solenn, Lima Oscar, Michon-Coudouel Sophie, Naquin Delphine, de Carvalho Julie Ferreira, Ainouche Malika Lily, Salmon Armel, Ainouche Abdelkader. 2014. Annals of Botany, 113 (7) : pp. 1197-1210.


Evolutionary history of almond tree domestication in the Mediterranean basin. Delplancke Malou, Alvarez Nadir, Benoit Laure, Espindola Anahi, Joly Hélène, Neuenschwander Samuel, Arrigo Nils. 2013. Molecular Ecology, 22 (4) : pp. 1092-1104.

Highlighting the occurrence of tetraploidy in Acacia senegal (L.) Willd. and genetic variation patterns in its natural range revealed by DNA microsatellite markers. Assoumane Aichatou, Zoubeirou Alzouma Mayaki, Rodier-Goud Marguerite, Favreau Bénédicte, Bezançon Gilles, Verhaegen Daniel. 2013. Tree Genetics and Genomes, 9 (1) : pp. 93-106.

Historical collections reveal patterns of diffusion of sweet potato in Oceania obscured by modern plant movements and recombination. Roullier Caroline, Benoit Laure, McKey Doyle B., Lebot Vincent. 2013. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110 (6) : pp. 2205-2210.

The complete chloroplast genome of banana (Musa acuminata, Zingiberales): Insight into plastid monocotyledon evolution. Martin Guillaume, Baurens Franc-Christophe, Cardi Céline, Aury Jean-Marc, D'Hont Angélique. 2013. PloS One, 8 (6):e67350, 10 p.


Gene flow among wild and domesticated almond species: insights from chloroplast and nuclear markers. Delplancke Malou, Alvarez Nadir, Espindola Anahi, Joly Hélène, Benoit Laure, Brouck Elise, Arrigo Nils. 2012. Evolutionary Applications, 5 (4) : pp. 317-329.


Patrons de variabilité chez Vitellaria paradoxa (karité) : étude phylogéographique et analyse combinée de la variation des acides gras, des tocophérols et de gènes candidats. Allal François. 2010. Montpellier : UM2, 310 p. Thèse de doctorat : Évolution, écologie, ressources génétiques, paléontologie : Université Montpellier 2



Molecular characterization of an ethylene receptor gene (CcETR1) in coffee trees, its relationship with fruit development and caffeine content. Bustamante-Porras José, Campa Claudine, Poncet Valérie, Noirot Michel, Leroy Thierry, Hamon Serge, De Kochko Alexandre. 2007. Molecular Genetics and Genomics, 277 : pp. 701-712.


Genetic diversity of Dalbergia monticola (Fabaceae) an endangered tree species in the fragmented oriental forest of Madagascar. Andrianoelina Andrianaivo Olivarimbola, Rakotondraoelina Hery, Ramamonjisoa Lolona, Maley Jean, Danthu Pascal, Bouvet Jean-Marc. 2006. Biodiversity and Conservation, 15 (4) : pp. 1109-1128.


Use of cpSSRs for the characterisation of yam phylogeny in Benin. Chaïr Hâna, Perrier Xavier, Agbangla Clément, Marchand Jean-Leu, Dainou O., Noyer Jean-Louis. 2005. Genome (Ottawa), 48 : pp. 674-684.

Using chloroplast DNA markers to understand Ananas and Pseudananas genetic diversity. Duval Marie-France, Noyer Jean-Louis, Hamon Perla, Buso G.S.C., Ferreira F.R., Ferreira M.E., Coppens D'Eeckenbrugge Géo. 2005. In : Proceedings of the Fourth International pineapple symposium, Veracruz, Mexico, April 16-19, 2002. Rebolledo Martínez Andrés (ed.), Uriza Avila Daniel E. (ed.). ISHS-Section Tropical and Subtropical Horticulture-Working Group on Pineapple. Louvain : ISHS [Belgique], pp. 93-107. (Acta Horticulturae, 666) ISBN 90-6605-420-4 International Pineapple Symposium. 4, Veracruz, Mexique, 16 April 2002/19 April 2002.


Genetic diversity of the shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa C.F. Gaertn), detected by RAPD and chloroplast microsatellite markers. Fontaine Christelle, Lovett Peter N., Sanou Haby, Maley Jean, Bouvet Jean-Marc. 2004. Heredity, 93 : pp. 639-648.


Development of microsatellite markers of chloroplastic genome studies in Citrus [S29-10]. Lotfy Samia, Luro François, Froelicher Yann, Risterucci Ange-Marie, Filloux Denis, Ollitrault Patrick. 2003. In : 7th International Congress of Plant Molecular Biology, ISPMB 2003, Barcelona (Spain), June 23-28. Book of abstracts. ISPMB. Barcelone : ISPMB Office, Résumé, p. 408. International Congress of Plant Molecular Biology. 7, Barcelone, Espagne, 23 June 2003/28 June 2003.

Relationships in Ananas and other related genera using chloroplast DNA restriction site variation. Duval Marie-France, Buso G.S.C., Ferreira F.R., Noyer Jean-Louis, Coppens D'Eeckenbrugge Géo, Hamon Perla, Ferreira M.E.. 2003. Genome (Ottawa), 46 (6) : pp. 990-1004.



Olea europaea (Oleaceae) phylogeography based on chloroplast DNA polymorphism. Besnard G., Khadari Bouchaib, Baradat Philippe, Bervillé A.. 2002. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 104 (8) : pp. 1353-1361.

Past climatic changes and genetic diversity in the tropics : example of Vouacapoua americana, a neotropical trees species - Preliminary results. Dutech Cyril, Maggia Laurent, Joly Hélène, Jarne Philippe. 2002. In : Modelling and experimental research on genetic processes in tropical and temperate forests : proceedings. Degen Bernd (ed.), Loveless Marilyn D. (ed.), Kremer Antoine (ed.). EMBRAPA, Silvolab. Petrolina : EMBRAPA, pp. 172-178. ISBN 85-87690-14-0 Symposium on Modelling and Experimental Research on Genetic Processes in Tropical and Temperate Forests, Kourou, Guyane française, 18 September 2000/22 September 2000.


Phylogenetic relationships in Ananas and related genera using chloroplast DNA restriction site variation. Duval Marie-France, Buso G.S.C., Cabral José Renato Santos, Bianchetti L. de B., Ferreira F.R., Ferreira M.E.. 2000. Pineapple News (7)


Biotechnology applied to the characterisation of the banana germplasm. Carreel Françoise, Jenny Christophe, D'Hont Angélique, Raboin Louis-Marie, Lagoda Pierre, Bakry Frédéric. 1999. In : The International symposium on the molecular and cellular biology of banana. Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research. New York : Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, p. 44. International Symposium on the Molecular and Cellular Biology of Banana, Ithaca, États-Unis, 22 March 1999/25 March 1999.


Chloroplast DNA footprints of postglacial recolonization by oaks. Petit R.J., Pineau E., Demesure B., Bacilieri Roberto, Ducousso A.. 1997. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 94 (18) : pp. 9996-10001.

Utilisation de sites étiquetés par leur séquence pour esquisser la structure génomique du chloroplaste de banane. Baurens Franc-Christophe, Noyer Jean-Louis, Lanaud Claire, Lagoda Pierre. 1997. Fruits, 52 (4), numéro spécial Bananiers et plantains : pp. 247-259.


Nickel effects on two maize (Zea mays) cultivars: growth, structure, Ni concentration, and localization. L'Huillier Laurent, D'Auzac Jean, Durand M., Michaux-Ferrière Nicole. 1996. Canadian Journal of Botany, 74 (10) : pp. 1547-1554.

A new set of cytoplasmic markers based on amplification reactions : application for taxonomy and control of somatic hybridization. Luro François, Ollitrault Patrick. 1996. In : Proceedings International Society Citriculture. Volume 2. s.l. : s.n., pp. 899-902. International Citrus Congress. 8, Sun City, Afrique du Sud, 12 May 1996/17 May 1996.


Mitochondrial DNA polymorphism and phylogenetic relationships in Hevea brasiliensis. Hong Luo, Van Coppenolle B., Seguin Marc, Boutry M.. 1995. Molecular Breeding, 1 : pp. 51-63.

Phenological and physiological performance of coconut varieties under water stress. Repellin Anne, Daniel Claude, Braconnier Serge, Sangaré A.. 1995. In : Interdrought: integrated study on drought tolerance of higher plants. First international meeting. Proceedings = [Intersécheresse : étude intégrée de la tolérance à la sécheresse des plantes supérieures. Premier congrès international. Actes]. Belhassen E.. Montpellier : INRA, Résumé, 1 p. InterDrought I. 1, Montpellier, France, 31 August 1995/2 September 1995.


Maternal inheritance of chloroplast genome and paternal inheritance of mitochondrial genome in bananas (Musa acuminata). Fauré Sabine, Noyer Jean-Louis, Carreel Françoise, Horry Jean-Pierre, Bakry Frédéric, Lanaud Claire. 1994. Current Genetics, 25 (3) : pp. 265-269.


Chloroplast and mitochondiral DNA diversity in Theobroma cacao. Laurent V., Risterucci Ange-Marie, Lanaud Claire. 1993. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 87 (1-2) : pp. 81-88.

The rbcL gene sequence from chestnut indicates a slow rate of evolution in the Fagaceae. Frascaria Nathalie, Maggia Laurent, Michaud Martin, Bousquet Jean. 1993. Genome (Ottawa), 36 (4) : pp. 668-671.


Etude préliminaire de la diversité génétique du genre Ananas par les RFLPs. Noyer Jean-Louis. 1991. Fruits, 46 (spéc.) : pp. 372-375.



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