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Circulative nonpropagative aphid transmission of nanoviruses: An oversimplified view. Sicard Anne, Zeddam Jean-Louis, Yvon Michel, Michalakis Yannis, Gutiérrez Serafin, Blanc Stéphane. 2015. Journal of Virology, 89 (19) : pp. 9719-9726.

Use of low cost pest exclusion nets can boost cabbage yield. Kiptoo J.J., Kasina M., Wanjala F., Kipyab P., Wasilwa Luike A., Ngouajio Mathieu, Martin Thibaud. 2015. East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal, 81 (2-4) : pp. 112-119.

An agro-ecological model of the peach tree-Myzus persicae aphid system and its use to evaluate and design integrated management scenarios. Grechi Isabelle, Hilgert Nadine, Ould Sidi Mohamed Mahmoud, Lescourret Françoise. 2015. In : Proceedings of the ninth International Symposium on Modelling in Fruit Research and Orchard Management. Bourgeois G. (éd.). ISHS. Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu : ISHS, pp. 43-50. (ISHS Acta horticulturae, 1068) International Symposium on Modelling in Fruit Research and Orchard Management. 9, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Canada, 19 June 2011/23 June 2011.
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Parasitoids and hyperparasites of citrus aphids in northern east of Tunisia (Cap Bon). Limem Sellami Essia, Delvare Gérard, Chermiti Brahim. 2013. IOBC/WPRS Bulletin, 95 : pp. 131-139. Meeting of the IOBC-WPRS Working Group " Integrated Control in Citrus Fruit Crops ", Adana, Turquie, 7 May 2013/9 May 2013.

Virus factories of Cauliflower Mosaic Virus are virion reservoirs that engage actively in vector transmission. Bak Aurélie, Gargani Daniel, Macia Jean Luc, Malouvet Enrick, Vernerey Marie-Stéphanie, Blanc Stéphane, Drucker Martin. 2013. Journal of Virology, 87 (22) : pp. 12207-12215.

A repellent net as a new technology to protect cabbage crops. Martin Thibaud, Palix Romain, Kamal A., Deletre Emilie, Bonafos Romain, Simon Serge, Ngouajio Mathieu. 2013. Journal of Economic Entomology, 106 (4) : pp. 1699-1706.

A virus responds instantly to the presence of the vector on the host and forms transmission morphs. Martinière Alexandre, Bak Aurélie, Macia Jean Luc, Lautredou Nicole, Gargani Daniel, Doumayrou Juliette, Garzo Elisa, Moreno Aranzazu, Fereres Alberto, Blanc Stéphane, Drucker Martin. 2013. eLife (2), 26 p.


Designing integrated management scenarios using simulation-based and multi-objective optimization: Application to the peach tree-Myzus persicae aphid system. Grechi Isabelle, Ould-Sidia Mohamed-Mahmoud, Hilgert Nadine, Senoussi Rachid, Sauphanor Benoît, Lescourret Françoise. 2012. Ecological Modelling, 246 : pp. 47-59.


Modelling coupled peach tree-aphid population dynamics and their control by winter pruning and nitrogen fertilization. Grechi Isabelle, Hilgert Nadine, Sauphanor Benoît, Senoussi Rachid, Lescourret Françoise. 2010. Ecological Modelling, 221 (19) : pp. 2363-2373.

Nitrogen fertilization effects on Myzus persicae aphid dynamics on peach: Vegetative growth allocation or chemical defence? Sauge Marie-Hélène, Grechi Isabelle, Poëssel Jean-Luc. 2010. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata, 136 (2) : pp. 123-133.


Les viroses du bananier. 2ème partie. CIRAD-FLHOR - REU. 1996. Fruitrop (Ed. Française) (26) : p. 22.


Compte-rendu du séminaire "Interactions Insectes Plantes". Nguyen-Ban Jean. 1994. s.l. : s.n., 7 p. Séminaire interactions insectes plantes, Rennes, France, 5 July 1994/6 July 1994.


Développement de l'aubergine aux Antilles françaises. Application des résultats de la recherche. Daly Patrick, Kaan F., Soitout M.. 1977. In : Nouvelles Agronomiques des Antilles et de la Guyane. (1977). - vol.3 : s.n., pp. 615-621. Congrès annuel de la CFCS. 14, Gosier, Guadeloupe, 27 June 1977/2 July 1977.

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