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Caractérisations physico-mécaniques de bois sans défauts pour la conception mécanique : application aux pins de la région méditerranéenne française. Burgers Agnès. 2016. Montpellier : Université de Montpellier, 138 p. Thèse de doctorat : Mécanique et génie civil : Université de Montpellier



Automatic identification and characterization of radial files in light microscopy images of wood. Brunel Guilhem, Borianne Philippe, Subsol Gérard, Jaeger Marc, Caraglio Yves. 2014. Annals of Botany, 114 (4) : pp. 829-840.


Relationship between local and global modulus of elasticity in bending and its consequence on structural timber grading. Nocetti Michela, Brancheriau Loïc, Bacher Martin, Brunetti Michèle, Crivellaro Alan. 2013. Holz als Roh- und Werkstoff, 71 (3) : pp. 297-308.

Relationship between the weathering of clay minerals and the nitrification rate: A rapid tree species effect. Mareschal Louis, Turpault Marie Pierre, Bonnaud Pascal, Ranger Jacques. 2013. Biogeochemistry, 112 (1-3) : pp. 293-309.


Connecting an architectural plant model to a forest stand dynamics model-application to Austrian black pine stand visualization. Feng Lu, De Reffye Philippe, Dreyfus Philippe, Auclair Daniel. 2012. Annals of Forest Science, 69 (2) : pp. 245-255.


Connection between plant community dynamics models and architectural-functional plant models - the GreenLab case. Feng Lu. 2011. Montpellier : UM2, 155 p. Thèse de doctorat : Biologie des organismes : Université Montpellier 2


Markov and semi-markov switching linear mixed models used to identify forest Tree growth components. Chaubert-Pereira Florence, Guédon Yann, Lavergne Christian, Trottier Catherine. 2010. Biometrics, 66 (3) : pp. 753-762.


Identifying ontogenetic, environmental and individual components of forest tree growth. Chaubert-Pereira Florence, Caraglio Yves, Lavergne Christian, Guédon Yann. 2009. Annals of Botany, 104 (5) : pp. 883-896.


Exploring the state sequence space for hidden Markov and semi-Markov chains. Guédon Yann. 2007. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 51 : pp. 2379-2409.


Deriving forest canopy parameters for backscatter models using the AMAP architectural plant model. Castel Thierry, Beaudoin André, Floury Nicolas, Le Toan Thuy, Caraglio Yves, Barczi Jean-François. 2001. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 39 (3) : pp. 571-583.

Du nouveau sur la branchaison du pin laricio. Meredieu Céline, Caraglio Yves. 2001. Forêt Entreprise (137) : pp. 47-48.

Using SIR-C SAR data and the AMAP model for forest attributes retrieval and 3-D stand simulation. Castel Thierry, Caraglio Yves, Beaudoin André, Borne Frédéric. 2001. Remote Sensing of Environment, 75 : pp. 279-290.


Analyzing spatial structures in forest tree architectures. Guédon Yann, Barthélémy Daniel, Caraglio Yves. 1999. In : Empirical and process-based models for forest tree and stand growth simulation = [Modèles empiriques et mécanistes pour la simulation de la croissance d'arbres et de peuplements forestiers]. Amaro A. (ed.), Tomé M. (ed.). Oeiras : Salamandra, pp. 23-42. Workshop on Empirical and Process-based Models for Forest Tree and Stand Growth Simulation, Oeiras, Portugal, 21 September 1997/27 September 1997.

Représentation internes et externes des propriétés de grumes : une nouvelle approche paramétrique. Pech Gourg N.. 1999. Alès : Ecole des mines D'alès, 33 p. Mémoire d'ingénieur : Ecole nationale supérieure des mines de Paris

A chain of models from tree growth to properties of boards for Pinus nigra ssp. laricio Arn.: simulation using CAPSIS (cINRA) and WinEpifn (cINRA). Meredieu C., Dreyfus Philippe, Saint André Laurent, Leban Jean-Michel. 1999. In : Connection between silviculture and wood quality through modelling approaches and simulation software. Nepveu G. (ed.); IUFRO; INRA. Nancy : INRA, pp. 505-513. Workshop on Connexion Between Silviculture and Wood Quality Through Modelling Approaches and Simulation Softwares. 3, La Londe-les-Maures, France, 5 September 1999/12 September 1999.


Activité cambiale dans les axes à faible croissance chez le hêtre, le châtaigner et le pin laricio, et dans les rameaux courts de merisier. Percebois E.. 1997. Nancy : Université de Nancy 1, 34 p. Mémoire DEA : Fin d'Etudes en Sciences du Bois : Université de Nancy I


Vegetative propagation. Monteuuis Olivier, Barneoud C.. 1991. In : Genetics of scots pine. Giertych M. (ed.), Matyas C. (ed.). Amsterdam : Elsevier, pp. 163-172. (Development in Plant Genetics and Breeding, 3) ISBN 978-0-444-98724-2

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