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Putative role of arthropod vectors in African swine fever virus transmission in relation to their bio-ecological properties. Bonnet Sarah, Bouhsira Emilie, De Regge Nick, Fite Johanna, Etore Florence, Garigliany Mutien-Marie, Jori Ferran, Lempereur Laetitia, Le Potier Marie-Frédérique, Quillery Elsa, Saegerman Claude, Vergne Timothée, Vial Laurence. 2020. Viruses, 12 (7), n.spéc. Emerging Viruses 2020: Surveillance, Prevention, Evolution and Control:778, 16 p.


Diagnosis and genetic analysis of the worldwide distributed Rattus-borne Trypanosoma(Herpetosoma)lewisi and its allied species in blood andfleas ofrodents. Ortiz Paola A., Garcia Herakles A., Lima Luciana, da Silva Flávia Maia, Campaner Marta, Pereira Carlos L., Jittapalapong Sathaporn, Neves Luis, Desquesnes Marc, Camargo Erney P., Teixeira Marta M.G.. 2018. Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 63 : pp. 380-390.


Assembly rules of ectoparasite communities across scales: Combining patterns of abiotic factors, host composition, geographic space, phylogeny and traits. Krasnov Boris R., Shenbrot Georgy I., Khokhlova Irina S., Stanko Michal, Morand Serge, Mouillot David. 2015. Ecography, 38 (2) : pp. 184-197.

Phylogenetic signals in ecological properties of parasites. Krasnov Boris R., Morand Serge, Poulin Robert. 2015. In : Parasite diversity and diversification: evolutionary ecology meets phylogenetics. Morand Serge (ed.), Krasnov Boris R (ed.), Littlewood D. Timothy J. (ed). Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, pp. 351-359. ISBN 978-1-107-03765-6


Positive co-occurrence of flea infestation at a low biological cost in two rodent hosts in the Canary archipelago. Sanchez Santi, Serrano E., Gomez M.S., Feliu C., Morand Serge. 2014. Parasitology, 141 (04) : pp. 511-521.

Variable effects of host characteristics on species richness of flea infracommunities in rodents from three continents. Kiffner Christian, Stanko Michal, Morand Serge, Khokhlova Irina S., Shenbrot Georgy I., Laudisoit Anne, Leirs Herwig, Hawlena Hadas, Krasnov Boris R.. 2014. Parasitology Research, 113 (8) : pp. 2777-2788.


Structural validation of an individual-based model for plague epidemics simulation. Laperrière Vincent, Badariotti Dominique, Banos Arnaud, Müller Jean Pierre. 2009. Ecological Complexity, 6 (2) : pp. 102-112.


Deux puces nouvelles d'Ethiopie (Insecta : Siphonaptera). Beaucornu J.C., Morel Pierre-Claude. 1992. Annales de la Société Entomologique de France, 28 (2) : pp. 125-131.


Xenopsylla cuisancei sp. n. (Siphonaptera, Pulicidae) du Zimbabwe. Beaucournu J.C., Morel Pierre-Claude. 1990. Annales de Parasitologie Humaine et Comparée, 65 (5-6) : pp. 270-275.

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