Biological resource center for seeds : The BRC GAMèT in Montpellier

Zanetto Anne, Blanc Véronique, Carasco-Lacombe Catherine, Cottin Roland, Marsal P., M'Balla-Morgan Joseph, Raynaud C., Jourdan Isabelle, Teulon Jacques, Vancoppenolle Sylvie, Zumstein E., Maghnaoui Najate. 2019. Biological resource center for seeds : The BRC GAMèT in Montpellier. In : Dedicated to the origins of agriculture and the domestication, evolution and utilization of genetic resources. Abstracts book. IRD, Bioversity International, Agropolis International, CIRAD, Montpellier SupAgro, Université de Montpellier, INRA. Montpellier : IRD, p. 82. Jack R. Harlan International Symposium. 3, Montpellier, France, 3 June 2019/7 June 2019.

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Abstract : The BRC GAMèT (Biological Resource Center: Graines Adaptées aux conditions Méditerranéennes et Tropicales) gather together since april 2019 within the new ARCAD building, three CRBs storing seeds genetic resources from INRA and Cirad institutes: CRB Zea, CRB-T and CRB Medicago. The objective is to manage in the same team the different seed collections including more than 30 000 accessions of cotton, corn, fonio, mil, peanut, rice, sorghum, Medicago and forest genetic resources. A team of twelve persons will join forces and methodologies to introduce, conserve distribute and multiply those seeds that represent a richness at national and international levels. The aim is to conserve the diversity of genetic resources at a quality level for the benefit of the scientific community and the public. The BRC belongs to the plant pilar of the French national network of BRC Rare and participate to the database project “Florilège”. Each plant is also link with research programs and scientific team in order to analyze and better involve genetic resources in scientific challenges such as climate change responses and integration into agro-ecological projects

Mots-clés libres : CRB, ARCAD

Auteurs et affiliations

  • Zanetto Anne, INRA (FRA)
  • Blanc Véronique, CIRAD-BIOS-UMR AGAP (FRA)
  • Carasco-Lacombe Catherine, CIRAD-BIOS-UMR AGAP (FRA)
  • Cottin Roland, CIRAD-BIOS-UMR AGAP (FRA)
  • Marsal P., INRA (FRA)
  • M'Balla-Morgan Joseph, CIRAD-BIOS-UMR AGAP (FRA)
  • Raynaud C., INRA (FRA)
  • Jourdan Isabelle, CIRAD-BIOS-UMR AGAP (FRA)
  • Teulon Jacques, CIRAD-BIOS-UMR AGAP (FRA)
  • Vancoppenolle Sylvie, CIRAD-BIOS-UMR AGAP (FRA)
  • Zumstein E., INRA (FRA)
  • Maghnaoui Najate, CIRAD-BIOS-UMR AGAP (FRA)

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