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A serological survey of Bacillus anthracis reveals widespread exposure to the pathogen in free-range and captive lions in Zimbabwe. Mukarati Norman L., Ndumnego Okechukwu C., Ochai Sunday O., Jauro Salomon, Loveridge Andrew J., Van Heerden Henriette, Matope Gift, Caron Alexandre, Hanyire Tapiwa G., De Garine-Wichatitsky Michel, Pfukenyi Davies Mubika. 2021. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, 68 (3) : pp. 1676-1684.
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Climate change, disease range shifts, and the future of the Africa lion. Carter Neil H., Bouley Paola, Moore Sean, Poulos Michael, Bouyer Jérémy, Pimm Stuart. 2018. Conservation Biology, 32 (5) : pp. 1207-1210.
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Lion densities in selous game reserve, Tanzania. Crosmary William-George, Ikanda Dennis, Ambwene Ligate Frederick, Sandini Pietro, Mkasanga Imani, Mkuburon Lameck, Lyamuya Richard, Ngongolo Kelvin, Chardonnet Philippe. 2018. African Journal of Wildlife Research, 48 (1):014001, 6 p.


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Contacts between domestic livestock and wildlife at the Kruger National Park Interface of the Republic of South Africa. Brahmbhatt Dipa P., Fosgate Geoffrey T., Dyason Edwin, Budke Christine M., Gummow Bruce, Jori Ferran, Ward Michael P., Srinivasan R.. 2012. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 103 (1) : pp. 16-21.


Managing the conflicts between people and lion : review and insights from the literature and field experience. Chardonnet Philippe, Soto B., Fritz Hervé, Crosmary William, Drouet-Hoguet Nolwenn, Mésochina Pascal, Pellerin Maryline, Mallon D., Bakker L., Boulet Hubert, Lamarque François. 2010. Rome : FAO, 65 p. (Wildlife Management Working Paper : FAO, 13)

Statut de conservation du lion (Panthera leo Linnaeus, 1758) en République Centrafricaine. Mésochina Pascal, Mamang-Kanga Jean-Baptiste, Chardonnet Philippe, Mandjo Youssoufa, Yaguémé Marc. 2010. Paris : IGF, 69 p.


Conservation status of the lion (Panthera leo Linnaeus, 1758) in Mozambique. Chardonnet Philippe, Mésochina Pascal, Renaud Pierre-Cyril, Bento Carlos, Conjo Domingo, Fusari Alessandro, Begg Colleen, Foloma Marcelino, Pariela Francisco. 2009. Maputo : Ministério do tourismo, 81 p.


Prevalence of Bartonella infection in wild African lions (Panthera leo) and cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus). Molia Sophie, Chomel Bruno B., Kasten Rickie W., Leutenegger C.M., Steele B.R., Marker L., Martenson J.S., Keet D.F., Bengis R.G., Peterson R.P., Munson L., O'Brien S.J.. 2004. Veterinary Microbiology, 100 (1-2) : pp. 31-41.


Conservation of the African lion : contribution to a status survey. Chardonnet Philippe. 2002. Paris : IGF, 171 p.

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