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Journal article

Identification of CROWN ROOTLESS1-regulated genes in rice reveals specific and conserved elements of postembryonic root formation. Coudert Yoan, Le Van Anh Thi, Adam Hélène, Bes Martine, Vignols Florence, Jouannic Stefan, Guiderdoni Emmanuel, Gantet Pascal. 2015. New Phytologist, 206 (1) : pp. 243-254.

ASL/LBD Phylogeny Suggests that Genetic Mechanisms of Root Initiation Downstream of Auxin Are Distinct in Lycophytes and Euphyllophytes. Coudert Yoan, Dievart Anne, Droc Gaëtan, Gantet Pascal. 2013. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 30 (3) : pp. 569-572.

Dissection des bases biologiques de caractères d'intérêt chez le riz : architecture et développement du système racinaire. Dievart-Gilbert Anne, Coudert Yoan, Gantet Pascal, Pauluzzi Frédéric, Puig Jérôme, Divol Fanchon, Ahmadi Nourollah, Courtois Brigitte, Guiderdoni Emmanuel, Perin Christophe. 2013. Cahiers Agricultures, 22 (5) : pp. 475-483.

Transcript profiling of crown rootless 1 mutant stem base reveals new elements associated with crown root development in rice. Coudert Yoan, Bes Martine, Thi Van Anh Le, Pré Martial, Guiderdoni Emmanuel, Gantet Pascal. 2011. BMC Genomics, 12 (387), 12 p.

Genetic control of root development in rice, the model cereal. Coudert Yoan, Perin Christophe, Courtois Brigitte, Khong Ngan Giang, Gantet Pascal. 2010. Trends in Plant Science, 15 (4) : pp. 219-226.

Le riz vers des variétés mieux adaptées. Coudert Yoan, Perin Christophe, Courtois Brigitte, Gantet Pascal. 2010. Pour la Science (389) : pp. 72-79.

Book chapter

Modulating rice stress tolerance by transcription factors. Khong Ngan Giang, Richaud Frédérique, Coudert Yoan, Pati Pratap K., Santi Carole, Perin Christophe, Breitler Jean-Christophe, Meynard Donaldo, Guiderdoni Emmanuel, Gantet Pascal. 2008. In : Biotechnology and genetic engineering reviews. Vol. 25. Ed. by Stephen E. Harding. Nottingham : Nottingham University Press, pp. 381-404. ISBN 978-1-904761-66-2

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