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Spatial modelling of agro-ecosystem dynamics across scales: A case in the cotton region of West-Burkina Faso. Jahel Camille, Baron Christian, Vall Eric, Karambiri Médina, Castets Mathieu, Coulibaly Kalifa, Bégué Agnès, Lo Seen Danny. 2017. Agricultural Systems, 157 : 303-315.
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Introducing the vectorial Kappa: An index to quantify congruence between vectorial mosaics. Bonhomme Vincent, Castets Mathieu, Morel Jules, Gaucherel Cédric. 2015. Ecological Indicators, 57 : 96-99.

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Land pressure and agrarian mutation, spatial modelling of farming systems evolution from plot to regional scale in West Burkina Faso. Jahel Camille, Baron Christian, Vall Eric, Bégué Agnès, Coulibaly Kalifa, Karambiri Médina, Castets Mathieu, Dupuy Stéphane, Lo Seen Danny. 2015. In : FSD5 Proceedings: Multi-functional farming systems in a changing world. Gritti Emmanuel S (ed.), Wery Jacques. ESA, Agropolis International. Montpellier : European Society of Agronomy-Agropolis International, 239-240.

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Disentangling factors of landscape changes in Burkina Faso, the nexus between spatial modeling and remote sensing. Jahel Camille, Leroux Louise, Bégué Agnès, Castets Mathieu, Baron Christian, Lo Seen Danny. 2016. . Montpellier : AgMIP, 1 poster

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