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Integrated natural resources management at meso scale: a process oriented approach to craft operational strategies for adaptation and vulnerability reduction to global change: AFROMAISON. Deliverable7.1. Ducrot Raphaèle, Morardet Sylvie, Hassenforder Emeline, Abrami Géraldine, Van Weert Frank, Ferrand Nils, D'Haeyer Tom, Johnston Robyn (collab.), Bello A. (collab.), Adie Aberra (collab.), Zare Aida (collab.), Semana Arsen (collab.), Cullen Beth (collab.), Lenjiso Birhanu Megersa (collab.), Zemadim Birhanu (collab.), Kabaseke Clovis (collab.), Cox D. (collab.), Dantew Elias (collab.), Gumpinger E. (collab.), Bwambale George (collab.), Leta Gerba (collab.), Hundessa Girma (collab.), Ghazaou Ines (collab.), Baha Kahina (collab.), Debevec Liza (collab.), Maathe Nzdghera Malikisedek (collab.), Ouessar Mohamed (collab.), Sghaïer Mongi (collab.), Diallo M. (collab.), Muhumuza Moses (collab.), Lemenih Mulugeta (collab.), Mujuku Richard Mwesige (collab.), Lemmens Rudy (collab.), Mwanguhya Sam (collab.), Waldron Sian (collab.), Akaganyira Solomon (collab.), Tibasiima Thaddeo (collab.), Regassa Tsehay (collab.). 2014. s.l. : s.n., 214 p.

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