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Phytophthora megakarya and Phytophthora palmivora, closely related causal agents of cacao black pod rot, underwent increases in genome sizes and gene numbers by different mechanisms. Ali Shahin, Shao Jonathan, Lary David J., Kronmiller Brent A., Shen Danyu, Strem Mary, Amoako-Attah Ishmael, Yaw Akrofi Andrew, Begoude Dider, Ten Hoopen Gerben Martijn, Coulibaly Klotioloma, Kébé Boubacar Ismaël, Melnick Rachel L., Guiltinan Mark J., Tyler Brett, Meinhardt Lyndel W., Bailey Bryan. 2017. Genome Biology and Evolution, 9 (3) : 536-557.
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PCR-based identification of cacao black pod causal agents and identification of biological factors possibly contributing to Phytophthora megakarya's field dominance in West Africa. Ali Shahin, Amoako-Attah Ishmael, Bailey Rebecca, Strem Mary, Schmidt Martha, Yaw Akrofi Andrew, Surujdeo-Maharaj Surendra, Kolawole Oluwaseun O., Begoude Dider, Ten Hoopen Gerben Martijn, Goss Erica, Phillips-Mora Wilbert, Meinhardt Lyndel W., Bailey Bryan. 2016. Plant Pathology, 65 (7) : 1095-1108.
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Biology and genomics of Phytophthora spp.: fight against a potential global chocolate famine [W115]. Ali Shahin, Amoako-Attah Ishmael, Shao Jonathan, Bailey Rebecca, Strem Mary, Phillips Wilbert, Surujdeo-Maharaj Surendra, Marelli Jean-Philippe, Ten Hoopen Gerben Martijn, Goss Erica, Villela Dias Cristianao, Shen Danyu, Tyler Brett, Meinhardt Lyndel W., Bailey Bryan. 2015. In : Plant and Animal Genomes Conference XXIII Conference, San diego, United States, San Diego, United States, January 10-14, 2015. s.l. : s.n., Résumé

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