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Journal article

Effect of leaf age and position on light-saturated CO2 assimilation rate, photosynthetic capacity, and stomatal conductance in rubber trees. Kositsup Boonthida, Kasemsap Poonpipope, Thanisawanyangkura Sornprach, Chairungsee Naruenat, Satakhum Duangrat, Teerawatanasuk Kannikar, Améglio Thierry, Thaler Philippe. 2010. Photosynthetica, 48 (1) : pp. 67-78.

Carbohydrate storage in wood and bark of rubber trees submitted to different level of C demande induced by latex tapping. Chantuma Pisamai, Lacointe André, Kasemsap Poonpipope, Thanisawanyangkura Sornprach, Gohet Eric, Clément Anne, Guilliot A., Améglio Thierry, Thaler Philippe. 2009. Tree Physiology, 29 (8) : pp. 1021-1031.

Photosynthetic capacity and temperature responses of photosynthesis of rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis Müll. Arg.) acclimate to changes in ambient temperatures. Kositsup Boonthida, Montpied Pierre, Kasemsap Poonpipope, Thaler Philippe, Améglio Thierry, Dreyer Erwin. 2009. Trees, 23 (2) : pp. 357-365.

Carbohydrate reserves as a competing sink : evidence from tapping rubber trees. Silpi Unakorn, Lacointe André, Kasempsap P., Thanysawanyangkura S., Chantuma Pisamai, Gohet Eric, Musigamart Natedao, Clément Anne, Améglio Thierry, Thaler Philippe. 2007. Tree Physiology, 27 (6) : pp. 881-889.

Effect of tapping activity on the dynamics of radial growth of Hevea brasiliensis trees. Silpi Unakorn, Thaler Philippe, Kasemsap Poonpipope, Lacointe André, Chantuma Arak, Adam Boris, Gohet Eric, Thanisawanyangkura Sornprach, Améglio Thierry. 2006. Tree Physiology, 26 (12) : pp. 1579-1587.

Sucrose and metabolism distribution patterns in the latices of three Hevea brasiliensis clones : effects of tapping and stimulation on the tree trunk. Silpi Unakorn, Chantuma Pisamai, Kasemsap Poonpipope, Thaler Philippe, Thanisawanyangkura Sornprach, Lacointe André, Améglio Thierry, Gohet Eric. 2006. Journal of Rubber Research, 9 (2) : pp. 115-131.

Evaluation of a new centrifuge technique for rapid generation of xylem vulnerability curves. Cochard Hervé, Damour Gaëlle, Bodet Christian, Tharwat Ibrahim, Poirier Magalie, Améglio Thierry. 2005. Physiologia Plantarum, 124 (4) : pp. 410-418.

Paper with proceedings

Effect of temperature constraints on photosynthesis of rubber (Hevea brasiliensis). Kositsup Boonthida, Kasemsap Poonpipope, Thaler Philippe, Améglio Thierry. 2007. In : Natural rubber industry: R and D achievements and challenges : International Rubber Conference 2007, Siem Reap, Cambodia, 12-13 November 2007. CRRI, IRRDB. Phnom Penh : CRRI, pp. 161-166. International Rubber Conference, Siem Reap, Cambodge, 12 November 2007/13 November 2007.

Paper without proceedings

Carbohydrate distribution at trunk level of Hevea brasiliensis. Chantuma Pisamai, Silpi Unakorn, Kasemsap Poonpipope, Clément Anne, Guilliot A., Thanysawanyangkura S., Gohet Eric, Musigamart Natedao, Améglio Thierry, Thaler Philippe. 2006. In : Carbon storage in coconut, oil palm, rubber and mango : origins, dynamics and consequences for plantation management. CIRAD. Montpellier : CIRAD, Diaporama, (49 vues) Final Meeting of ATP Reserves 11/2002 on Carbon Storage in Coconut, Oil Palm, Rubber and Mango, Montpellier, France, 8 November 2006/9 November 2006.

Spatial distribution of sucrose and metabolic activity in the laticiferous tissue of three Hevea brasiliensis clones : Effects of tapping and ethephon stimulation at trunk scale. Silpi Unakorn, Chantuma Pisamai, Thaler Philippe, Thanisawanyangkura Sornprach, Lacointe André, Améglio Thierry, Gohet Eric. 2004. In : IRRDB annual meeting, September 7-8, 2004, Kunming, China. s.l. : s.n., 18 p. IRRDB Annual Meeting, Kunming, Chine, 7 September 2004/8 September 2004.

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