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Journal article

How microbial biofilms control the environmental fate of engineered nanoparticles? Desmau Morgane, Carboni Andrea, Le Bars Maureen, Doelsch Emmanuel, Benedetti Marc, Auffan Mélanie, Levard Clément, Gelabert Alexandre. 2020. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 8:882, 20 p.

Phytoavailability of silver at predicted environmental concentrations: Does the initial ionic or nanoparticulate form matter? Layet Clément, Santaella Catherine, Auffan Mélanie, Chevassus-Rosset Claire, Montes Mélanie, Levard Clément, Ortet Philippe, Barakat Mohamed, Doelsch Emmanuel. 2019. Environmental Science. Nano, 6 (1) : pp. 127-135.
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Evidence that soil properties and organic coating drive the Phytoavailability of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles. Layet Clément, Auffan Mélanie, Santaella Catherine, Chevassus-Rosset Claire, Montes Mélanie, Ortet Philippe, Barakat Mohamed, Collin Blanche, Legros Samuel, Bravin Matthieu, Angeletti Bernard, Kieffer Isabelle, Proux Olivier, Hazemann Jean-Louis, Doelsch Emmanuel. 2017. Environmental Science and Technology, 51 (17) : pp. 9756-9764.

Déchets et nanomatériaux : valorisation, dépollution, impacts environnementaux et toxicologiques. Doelsch Emmanuel, Auffan Mélanie, Bottero Jean Yves, Chaurand Perrine, Legros Samuel, Levard Clément, Masion Armand, Rose Jérôme. 2011. L'Actualité Chimique (356-357) : pp. 91-96.

Imogolites as a tool for evaluating the hazard of HARN. Levard Clément, Liu Wei, Masion Armand, Thill Antoine, Rose Jérôme, Chaurand Perrine, Auffan Mélanie, Doelsch Emmanuel, Proux Olivier, Bottero Jean Yves. 2011. Mineralogical Magazine, 75 (3), n.spéc. : Goldschmidt Abstracts 2011, Résumé : p. 1304. Annual V.M. Goldschmidt Conference. 21, Prague, République tchèque, 14 August 2011/19 August 2011.

Mobility of natural and engineered nanoparticles in aquatic media. Masion Armand, Levard Clément, Solovitch N., Diot M.A., Auffan Mélanie, Botta C., Labille J., Rose Jérôme, Chaurand Perrine, Borschneck Daniel, Doelsch Emmanuel, Ziarelli Fabio, Thill A., Bottero Jean Yves. 2010. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 74 (12), suppl. 1 : A674-A674. Goldschmidt Earth, energy and the environment 2010, Knoxville, États-Unis, 13 June 2010/18 June 2010.

Guest paper

Reactivity and toxicity of imogolite nanotubes. Liu Wei, Levard Clément, Masion Armand, Chaurand Perrine, Auffan Mélanie, Rose Jérôme, Doelsch Emmanuel, Thill A., Bottero Jean Yves. 2011. In : Fundamental for life: soil, crop and environmental sciences. ASA, CSSA and SSSA 2011 International Annual Meetings, October 16-19, 2011, San Antonio, Etats-Unis; ASA; CSSA; SSSA. s.l. : s.n., Résumé, 1 p. ASA, CSSA and SSSA 2011 International Annual Meetings, San Antonio, États-Unis, 16 October 2011/19 October 2011.


Ferrihydrite nanoparticles : New perspectives ? Doelsch Emmanuel, Proux Olivier, Llorens-Alliot I., Montes M., Auffan Mélanie, Diot M.A., Chaurand Perrine, Masion Armand, Rose Jérôme, Hazemann Jean-Louis. 2010. In : 7th International Conference on Inelastic X-ray Scattering, Grenoble, France, October 11-14 2010. s.l. : s.n., 1 p. IXS 2010 Conference. 7, Grenoble, France, 11 October 2010/14 October 2010.

Paper without proceedings

Combined effect of nanoparticles and trace metals in a soil-plant-microbe ecosystem. Collin Blanche, Doelsch Emmanuel, Auffan Mélanie, Achouak Wafa, Santaella Catherine. 2017. . Zurich : ETH, Résumé, 1 p. International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements (ICOBTE 2017), Zurich, Suisse, 16 July 2017/20 July 2017.

Safer by design nanomaterials through environmental genomics (metabarcoding) and metabolomics. Santaella Catherine, Collin Blanche, Hamidat Mohamed, Barakat Mohamed, Ortet Philippe, Harir Mourad, Auffan Mélanie, Doelsch Emmanuel, Schmitt-Kopplin Philippe, Heulin Thierry, Achouak Wafa. 2017. . Marseille : GDR "Génomique Environnementale", Résumé, 1 p. Colloque de Génomique Environnementale. 4, Marseille, France, 13 September 2017/15 September 2017.

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