Hyaluronidase activity in Saliva of European Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Rádrová Jana, Vlková Michaela, Volfová Vera, Sumová Petra, Cetre-Sossah Catherine, Carpenter Simon, Darpel Karin, Rakotoarivony Ignace, Allene Xavier, Votypka Jan, Volf Petr. 2016. Hyaluronidase activity in Saliva of European Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae). Journal of Medical Entomology, 53 (1) : pp. 212-216.

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Quartile : Q1, Sujet : VETERINARY SCIENCES / Quartile : Q2, Sujet : ENTOMOLOGY

Abstract : Biting midges of the genus Culicoides transmit pathogens of veterinary importance such as bluetongue virus (Reoviridae: Orbivirus). The saliva of Culicoides is known to contain bioactive molecules including peptides and proteins with vasodilatory and immunomodulative properties. In this study, we detected activity of enzyme hyaluronidase in six Culicoides species that commonly occur in Europe and that are putative vectors of arboviruses. Hyaluronidase was present in all species studied, although its molecular size, sensitivity to SDS, and substrate specificity differed between species. Further studies on the potential effect of hyaluronidase activity on the vector competence of Culicoides species for arboviruses would be beneficial. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés Agrovoc : Culicoides, Salive, Activité enzymatique, Identification, Enzyme, Hydrolase, Vecteur de maladie, Orbivirus, Culicoides nubeculosus, Culex quinquefasciatus, Phlebotomus

Mots-clés géographiques Agrovoc : Europe, France, Tchéquie, Réunion

Mots-clés complémentaires : Hyaluronidase, Culicoides obseletus, Culicoides pulicaris, Culicoides imicola, Culicoides punctatus, Culicoides newsteadi, Phlebotomus duboscqi

Classification Agris : L72 - Pests of animals
L73 - Animal diseases

Champ stratégique Cirad : Axe 4 (2014-2018) - Santé des animaux et des plantes

Auteurs et affiliations

  • Rádrová Jana, Charles University (CZE)
  • Vlková Michaela, Charles University (CZE)
  • Volfová Vera, Charles University (CZE)
  • Sumová Petra, Charles University (CZE)
  • Cetre-Sossah Catherine, CIRAD-BIOS-UMR CMAEE (REU)
  • Carpenter Simon, The Pirbright Institute (GBR)
  • Darpel Karin, The Pirbright Institute (GBR)
  • Rakotoarivony Ignace, CIRAD-BIOS-UMR CMAEE (FRA)
  • Allene Xavier, CIRAD-BIOS-UMR CMAEE (FRA)
  • Votypka Jan, Charles University (CZE)
  • Volf Petr, Charles University (CZE)

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