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Exploring the diversity of Poaceae infecting mastreviruses on Reunion Island using a viral metagenomicsbased approach. Claverie Sohini, Ouattara Alassane, Hoareau Murielle, Filloux Denis, Varsani Arvind, Roumagnac Philippe, Martin Darren Patrick, Lett Jean-Michel, Lefeuvre Pierre. 2019. Scientific Reports, 9:12716, 11 p.


Adaptive evolution by recombination is not associated with increased mutation rates in Maize streak virus. Monjane Adérito Luis, Pande Daniel, Lakay Francisco, Shepherd Dionne Natalie, Van der Walt Eric, Lefeuvre Pierre, Lett Jean-Michel, Varsani Arvind, Rybicki Edward P., Martin Darren Patrick. 2012. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 12 (252), 13 p.

A novel maize-infecting mastrevirus from La Réunion Island. Pande Daniel, Kraberger Simona, Lefeuvre Pierre, Lett Jean-Michel, Shepherd Dionne Natalie, Varsani Arvind, Martin Darren Patrick. 2012. Archives of Virology, 157 (8) : pp. 1617-1621.


Reconstructing the history of maize streak virus strain a dispersal to reveal diversification hot spots and its origin in Southern Africa. Monjane Adérito Luis, Harkins Gordon William, Martin Darren Patrick, Lemey Philippe, Lefeuvre Pierre, Shepherd Dionne Natalie, Oluwafemi Sunday, Simuyandi Michelo, Zinga Innocent, Komba Ephrem Kosh, Lakoutene Didier P., Mandakombo Noella, Mboukoulida Joseph, Semballa Silla, Tagne Appolinaire, Tiendrebeogo Fidèle, Erdmann Julia B., Van Antwerpen Tania, Owor Betty E., Flett Bradley, Ramusi Moses, Windram Oliver P., Lett Jean-Michel, Briddon Rob W., Markham Peter G., Rybicki Edward P., Varsani Arvind. 2011. Journal of Virology, 85 (18) : pp. 9623-9636.


Comparative analysis of Panicum streak virus and Maize streak virus diversity, recombination patterns and phylogeography. Varsani Arvind, Monjane Adérito Luis, Donaldson Lara, Oluwafemi Sunday, Zinga Innocent, Komba Ephrem Kosh, Plakoutene Didier, Mandakombo Noella, Mboukoulida Joseph, Semballa Silla, Briddon Rob W., Markham Peter G., Lett Jean-Michel, Lefeuvre Pierre, Rybicki Edward P., Martin Darren Patrick. 2009. Virology Journal, 6 (194), 14 p.

Dating the origins of the maize-adapted strain of maize streak virus, MSV-A. Harkins Gordon William, Martin Darren Patrick, Duffy Siobain, Monjane Adérito Luis, Shepherd Dionne Natalie, Windram Oliver P., Owor Betty E., Donaldson Lara, Van Antwerpen Tania, Sayed Rizwan A., Flett Bradley, Ramusi Moses, Rybicki Edward P., Peterschmitt Michel, Varsani Arvind. 2009. Journal of General Virology, 90 (12) : pp. 3066-3074.

Large accumulations of maize streak virus in the filter chamber and midgut cells of the leafhopper vector Cicadulina mbila. Ammar El-Desouky, Gargani Daniel, Lett Jean-Michel, Peterschmitt Michel. 2009. Archives of Virology, 154 (2) : pp. 255-262.


Molecular ecology and emergence of tropical plant viruses. Fargette Denis, Fauquet C., Muller Emmanuelle, Peterschmitt Michel, Thresh J.M.. 2006. Annual Review of Phytopathology, 44 : pp. 235-260.


Maize streak diseases : Maize streak, maize streak Egyptian, maize streak Mauritius mastreviruses. Peterschmitt Michel. 2004. In : Viruses and virus diseases of Poaceae (Gramineae). Lapierre Hervé (ed.), Signoret Pierre A. (ed.). Paris : INRA, pp. 671-675. (Mieux comprendre) ISBN 2-7380-1088-1


Genetic mapping of maize streak virus resistance from the Mascarene source : I. Resistance in line D211 and stability against different virus clones. Pernet Alix, Hoisington David, Franco Jorge, Isnard Muriel, Jewell David, Jiang Changjiang, Marchand Jean-Leu, Reynaud Bernard, Glaszmann Jean-Christophe, Gonzalez De Léon Diego. 1999. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 99 : pp. 524-539.


Genetic mapping of resistance factors to maize viruses. Pernet Alix, Gonzalez De Léon Diego, Chavanne E.R., Dintinger Jacques, Franco Jorge, Glaszmann Jean-Christophe, Hoisington David, Jewell David, Jiang Changjiang, Khairallah Mireille, Lanaud Claire, Marchand Jean-Leu, Reynaud Bernard. 1997. . s.l. : s.n., Résumé, n.p. Plant and Animal Genomes Conference. 5, San Diego, États-Unis, 12 January 1997/16 January 1997.

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