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Effects of soil redox potential (Eh) and pH on growth of sunflower and wheat. Cottes Jérémy, Saquet Alix, Palayret Ludovic, Husson Olivier, Beghin Robin, Allen Deonie, Scheiner Javier, Cabanes Cédric, Guiresse Maritxu. 2020. Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science, 66 (4) : pp. 473-487.
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Spatial and temporal variability of soil redox potential, pH and electrical conductivity across a toposequence in the Savanna of West Africa. Tano Bernard E., Brou Casimir Y., Dossou-Yovo Elliott Ronald, Saito Kazuki, Futakuchi Koichi, Woporeis Marco C.S., Husson Olivier. 2020. Agronomy (Basel), 10 (11):1787, 22 p


Le couple Eh/pH du sol : sa mesure, son impact sur la mobilité des nutriments et la croissance du tournesol. Cottes Jérémy. 2019. Toulouse : Université de Toulouse, 352 p. Thèse de doctorat : Surfaces interfaces continentales hydrologie : Université de Toulouse


Conservation agriculture systems alter the electrical characteristics (Eh, pH and EC) of four soil types in France. Husson Olivier, Brunet Alexandre, Babre Daniel, Charpentier Hubert, Durand Michel, Sarthou Jean-Pierre. 2018. Soil and Tillage Research, 176 : pp. 57-68.

Leaf Eh and pH: A novel indicator of plant stress. Spatial, temporal and genotypic variability in rice (Oryza sativa L.). Husson Olivier, Audebert Alain, Benada Jaroslav, Soglonou Brigitte, Tano Firmin, Dieng Ibnou, Bousset Lydia, Sarthou Jean-Pierre, Joseph Stephen, Menozzi Philippe, Boulakia Stéphane, Futakuchi Koichi. 2018. Agronomy (Basel), 8 (10):209, 24 p.




Superficial edible films and osmotic dehydration : application of hurdle technology without affecting the food integrity. Guilbert Stéphane, Gontard Nathalie, Raoult-Wack Anne-Lucie. 1996. In : Food preservation by moisture control, fundamentals and applications = [Conservation des aliments par contrôle de leur teneur en eau : principes fondamentaux et applications]. Canovas B. (ed.). Lancaster : Technomic Publishing Company, pp. 305-323. International Symposium on the Properties of Water, États-Unis, 19 June 1994/24 June 1994.


Latex flow, cellular regeneration and yield of Hevea brasiliensis : influence of hormonal stimulation. Jacob Jean-Louis, Prévôt Jean-Claude, Eschbach Jean-Marie, Lacrotte Régis, Serres E., Vidal Anne. 1990. In : Proceedings of the International congress of plant physiology, New Delhi, india, February 15-20, 1988. Sinha S.K. (ed.), Sane P.V. (ed.), Bhargava S.C. (ed.), Agrawal P.K. (ed.). Society for Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. New Delhi : Society for Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, pp. 426-433. ISBN 81-900-1370-X International Congress of Plant Physiology, New Delhi, Inde, 15 February 1988/20 February 1988.


Physiological basis for latex diagnosis of the functioning of the laticiferous system in rubber trees. Jacob Jean-Louis, Eschbach Jean-Marie, Prévôt J.L., Roussel D., Lacrotte Régis, Chrestin H.. 1986. In : Proceedings of the international rubber conference = [Compte-rendu de la conférence internationale sur le caoutchouc]. Rajarao J.C. (ed.), Amin L.L. (ed.); RRIM. Kuala Lumpur : RRIM, pp. 43-68. International Rubber Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaisie, 21 October 1985/25 October 1985.


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