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Biodiversity of Mimosa pudica rhizobial symbionts (Cupriavidus taiwanensis, Rhizobium mesoamericanum) in New Caledonia and their adaptation to heavy metal-rich soils. Klonowska Agnieszka, Chaintreuil Clémence, Tisseyre Pierre, Miche Lucie, Melkonian Rémy, Ducousso Marc, Laguerre Gisèle, Brunel Brigitte, Moulin Lionel. 2012. FEMS Microbiology, Ecology, 81 (3) : pp. 618-635.

Wheat blast: histopathology and transcriptome reprogramming in response to adapted and nonadapted Magnaporthe isolates. Tufan Hale A., McGrann Graham R.D., Magusin Andreas, Morel Jean-Benoit, Miche Lucie, Boyd Lesley A.. 2009. New Phytologist, 184 (7) : pp. 473-484.


The human-driven impacts on a long-term affair between an iconic Mediterranean fruit tree and its microbiome. Sanguin Hervé, Mahé Frédéric, Ouahmane Lahcen, Tisseyre Pierre, Tournier Estelle, Khassali Hamza, Le Roux Christine, Prin Yves, Miche Lucie, Mirleau Pascal, Duponnois Robin, Arrighi Jean-François, Hafidi Mohamed, Ouhammou A., Vincentelli Bruno, Anziani Carole, Hugo Laetitia, Diadema Katia, Feliner Gonzalo Nieto, Mirleau Fatma, Bou Dagher Kharrat Magda, La Malfa Stefano, Médail Frédéric, Viruel Juan, Baumel Alex. 2018. In : Book of abstract of the International Phytobiomes Conference 2018. International Phytobiomes Alliance, INRA, IRD. Montpellier : International Phytobiomes Alliance-INRA, p. 71. International phytobiomes conference. 2, Montpellier, France, 4 December 2018/6 December 2018.

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