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Journal article

Paper with proceedings

Adaptation strategies for livestock production systems in a changing environment. [P100]. Marble Yvane, Salgado Paulo, Nidumolu Uday Bhaskar, Andriarimalala José Herilalao, Enjalric Gaëlle, Tillard Emmanuel. 2015. In : Building tomorrow’s research agenda and bridging the science-policy gap. CIRAD, INRA, IRD, Agropolis International, Wageningen UR, CGIAR, UCDAVIS, FAO, Agreenium, GFAR. Montpellier : CIRAD, Résumé, p. 201. Climate-Smart Agriculture 2015 : Global Science Conference. 3, Montpellier, France, 16 March 2015/18 March 2015.

Paper without proceedings

Literature review on the applicability of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) to predict the chemical composition of forages, soil and animal organic matter samples. Chakravarthy Kalyana, Nekwaya Leevi Shaapwa, Nabeneza Serge, Tillard Emmanuel, Marble Yvane, Salgado Paulo, Lecomte Philippe. 2016. . Hyderabad : ISAPM, 10 p. International Livestock Conference "INDIGENOUS" and Exposition, Hyderabad, Inde, 28 January 2016/31 January 2016.

Evolution of livestock systems in Africa facing changes. Vall Eric, Marble Yvane, Salgado Paulo, Corniaux Christian, Blanchard Melanie, Dutilly Céline, Alary Véronique. 2014. . Anand : ISAPM, 16 p. Conference of the Indian Society of Animal Production and Management, Anand, Inde, 29 January 2014/31 January 2014.

Technical and research document

Audiovisual document

Near infrared spectrometry: a valuable tool for animal feed management. Bimont Pierre (réal.), Caires Claudia (trad.), Andriarimala José Hérilalao (collab.), Fanjaniaina Marie Lucia (collab.), Kandalam Giridhar (collab.), Adjoudeme Rodrigues (collab.), Wibaux Thomas (collab.), Andrianantoandro Andriamangalalaine (collab.), Tillard Emmanuel (collab.), Salgado Paulo (collab.), Lecomte Philippe (collab.), Dardenne Pierre (collab.), Nabeneza Serge (collab.), Marble Yvane (collab.), Corduant Stéphane (collab.), Andrianary Antso (collab.). 2015. Paris : CIRAD-ARChE_Net, 1 vidéo (4 min 34 sec)
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Real-time adjustment of the animal ration using NIRS. Corduant Stéphane (réal.), Andrianary Antso (collab.), Andriantsaralaza Seheno (collab.), Rakotondramanana (collab.), Andrianantoandro A. (collab.), Tillard Emmanuel (collab.), Andriarimalala José Herilalao (collab.), Salgado Paulo (collab.), Lecomte Philippe (collab.), Dardenne Pierre (collab.), Nabeneza Serge (collab.), Marble Yvane (collab.), Caires Claudia (collab.), Enjalric Gaëlle (collab.), Sinclair Alistair (collab.). 2014. Antananarive : Mada-Movie, 1 vidéo (5 min.)

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