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Concentration of polyphenolic compounds in blackberry (Rubus Adenotrichos Schltdl.) juice by nanofiltration. Acosta Oscar, Vaillant Fabrice, Perez Ana, Dornier Manuel. 2017. Journal of Food Process Engineering, 40 (1), 7 p.
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Effects of mechanical and enzymatic pretreatments on extraction of polyphenols from blackberry fruits. Soto Marvin, Acosta Oscar, Vaillant Fabrice, Perez Ana. 2016. Journal of Food Process Engineering, 39 (5) : 492-500.

Potential of ultrafiltration for separation and purification of ellagitannins in blackberry (Rubus adenotrichus Schltdl.) juice. Acosta Oscar, Vaillant Fabrice, Pérez Ana Mercedes, Dornier Manuel. 2014. Separation and Purification Technology, 125 : 120-125.

Impact of industrial processing and storage on major polyphenols and the antioxidant capacity of tropical highland blackberry (Rubus adenotrichus). Gancel Anne Laure, Feneuil Cécilia, Acosta Oscar, Pérez Ana Mercedes, Vaillant Fabrice. 2011. Food Research International, 44 (7) : 2243-2251.

Thermal degradation kinetics of anthocyanins from blodd orange, blackberry, and roselle using the arrhenius, eyring, and ball models. Cisse Mady, Vaillant Fabrice, Acosta Oscar, Dhuique-Mayer Claudie, Dornier Manuel. 2009. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 57 (14) : 6285-6291.

Turbidity of pulpy fruit juice: A key factor for predicting cross-flow microfiltration performance. Vaillant Fabrice, Pérez Ana Mercedes, Acosta Oscar, Dornier Manuel. 2008. Journal of Membrane Science, 325 (1) : 404-412.

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