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Genetic relationships of some Citrus genotypes based on the candidate iron chlorosis genes. Aka Kacar Yildiz, Simsek Özhan, Dönmez Dicle, Boncuk Melda, Yesiloglu Turgut, Ollitrault Patrick. 2014. Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry, 38 (3) : 340-347.
Article en libre accès

Somatic hybridization for citrus rootstock breeding: An effective tool to solve some important issues of the Mediterranean citrus industry. Dambier Dominique, Benyahia Hamid, Pensabene-Bellavia Giovani, Aka Kacar Yildiz, Froelicher Yann, Belfalah Zina, Beniken Lhou, Handaji Najat, Printz Bruno, Morillon Raphaël, Yesiloglu Turgut, Navarro Luis, Ollitrault Patrick. 2011. Plant Cell Reports, 30 (5) : 883-900.

Communication avec actes

Determination by SSCP markers of the allelic diversity of candidate genes for tolerance to iron chlorosis in Citrus germplasm. Simsek Özhan, Aka Kacar Yildiz, Yesiloglu Turgut, Ollitrault Patrick. 2011. In : Proceedings of the second International symposium on Citrus biotechnology, Catania, Italy, November 30 - December 2, 2009. Gentile Antonella (ed.), La Malfa S. (ed.). ISHS, ISC. Louvain : ISHS [Belgique], 85-91. (Acta Horticulturae, 892) ISBN 978-90-66057-43-2

Communication sans actes

Allelic diversity of Ferritin III and PMT IV genes related to iron chlorosis in some citrus rootstocks : S02P07. Aka Kacar Yildiz, Simsek Özhan, Boncuk Melda, Yesiloglu Turgut, Ollitrault Patrick. 2012. In : XII International Citrus Congress : Book of abstract. Navarro Luis (ed.). ISC, IVIA, Fundación agroalimed. Riverside : ISC, Résumé, 45.

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