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Evaluation of Sentinel-1&2 time series for predicting wheat and rapeseed phenological stages. Mercier Audrey, Betbeder Julie, Baudry Jacques, Le Roux Vincent, Spicher Fabien, Lacoux Jérôme, Roger David, Hubert-Moy Laurence. 2020. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 163 : pp. 231-256.

A functional structural model of grass development based on metabolic regulations and coordination rules. Gauthier Marion, Barillot Romain, Schneider Camille, Chambon Camille, Fournier Christian, Pradal Christophe, Robert Corinne, Andrieu Bruno. 2020. Journal of Experimental Botany, 71 (18) : pp. 5454-5468.


Analyse des performances agronomiques et économiques des associations de culture lentille-blé conduites en agriculture biologique. Viguier Loïc. 2018. Toulouse : Université de Toulouse, 125 p. Thèse de doctorat : Agrosystèmes, écosystèmes et environnement : Université de Toulouse


Increased soil organic carbon stocks under agroforestry: a survey of six different sites in France. Cardinael Rémi, Chevallier Tiphaine, Cambou Aurélie, Béral Camille, Barthès Bernard, Dupraz Christian, Durand Céline, Kouakoua Ernest, Chenu Claire. 2017. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 236 : pp. 243-255.


Involvement of nitrogen functional groups in high-affinity copper binding in tomato and wheat root apoplasts: spectroscopic and thermodynamic evidence. Guigues Stéphanie, Bravin Matthieu, Garnier Cédric, Masion Armand, Chevassus-Rosset Claire, Cazevieille Patrick, Doelsch Emmanuel. 2016. Metallomics, 8 (3) : pp. 366-376.
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Mastreviruses: Tropical and temperate leafhopper-borne geminiviruses. Kvarnheden Anders, Lett Jean-Michel, Peterschmitt Michel. 2016. In : Vector-mediated transmission of plant pathogens. Brown Judith K. (ed.). Saint Paul : APS Press, pp. 231-241. ISBN 978-0-89054-535-5


Seasonal changes drive short-term selection for fitness traits in the wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici. Suffert Frédéric, Ravigné Virginie, Sache Ivan. 2015. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 81 (18) : pp. 6367-6379.


Wheat blast: histopathology and transcriptome reprogramming in response to adapted and nonadapted Magnaporthe isolates. Tufan Hale A., McGrann Graham R.D., Magusin Andreas, Morel Jean-Benoit, Miche Lucie, Boyd Lesley A.. 2009. New Phytologist, 184 (7) : pp. 473-484.


Assessment of unmanned aerial vehicles imagery for quantitative monitoring of wheat crop in small plots. Lelong Camille, Burger Philippe, Jubelin Guillaume, Roux Bruno, Labbé Sylvain, Baret Frédéric. 2008. Sensors (8) : pp. 3557-3585.

Changes in common wheat grain milling behavior and tissue mechanical properties following ozone treatment. Desvignes Claire, Chaurand M., Dubois M., Sadoudi A., Abécassis Joël, Lullien Pellerin V.. 2008. Journal of Cereal Science, 47 (2) : pp. 245-251.

The derivation of sink functions of wheat organs using the GREENLAB model. Kang Meng Zhen, Evers J.B., Vos Jan, De Reffye Philippe. 2008. Annals of Botany, 101 (8) : pp. 1099-1108.


Identification and sequencing of ESTs from the halophyte grass Aeluropus littoralis. Zouari Nabil, Ben Saad Rania, Legavre Thierry, Azaza Jalel, Sabau Xavier, Jaoua Mohamed, Masmoudi Khaled, Hassairi Afif. 2007. Gene, 404 : pp. 61-69.

The Triticum aestivum non-specific lipid transfer protein (TaLtp) gene family : Comparative promoter activity of six TaLtp genes in transgenic rice. Boutrot Freddy, Meynard Donaldo, Guiderdoni Emmanuel, Joudrier Philippe, Gautier Marie-Françoise. 2007. Planta, 225 (4) : pp. 843-862.

Wheat value: Improvements by feed technology plant breeding and animal genetics. Carré Bernard, Mignon-Grasteau Sandrine, Péron A., Juin Hervé, Bastianelli Denis. 2007. World's Poultry Science Journal, 63 (4) : pp. 585-596.


A 3D approach for modelling tillering in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Evers J.B., Vos Janny, Fournier Christian, Andrieu Bruno, Chelle Michaël, Struik P.C.. 2004. In : Proceedings of the 4th International workshop on functional-structural plant models (FSPM), abstracts of papers and posters, 7-11 June 2004, Montpellier, France. Godin Christophe (ed.), Hanan Jim (ed.), Kurth Winfried (ed.), Lacointe André (ed.), Takenaka Akio (ed.), Prusinkiewicz Przemyslaw (ed.), Dejong Thedore M. (ed.), Beveridge Christine (ed.). CIRAD-AMIS-UMR AMAP. Montpellier : CIRAD-AMAP, pp. 210-215. International Workshop on Functional-Structural Plant Models (FSPM). 4, Montpellier, France, 7 June 2004/11 June 2004.


Agriculture spéciale. Les plantes comestibles : les céréales. Ahmadi Nourollah, Chantereau Jacques, Hekimian Lethève C., Marchand Jean-Leu, Ouendeba B.. 2002. In : Mémento de l'agronome. CIRAD, GRET, France-MAE. Montpellier : CIRAD, pp. 777-829. ISBN 2-86844-129-7

Comparative mapping of the wheat 5B short chromosome arm distal region with rice, relative to a crossability locus. Lamoureux D., Boeuf C., Regad Farid, Garsmeur Olivier, Charmet Gilles, Sourdille P., Lagoda Pierre, Bernard M.. 2002. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 105 : pp. 759-765.

Impact of residue quality and location in soil on the C and N mineralisation of residues from cropping systems from Cerrados, Brazil. Abiven Samuel, Recous Sylvie, Reyes Gomez Victor Manuel, Oliver Robert. 2002. In : World congress of soil science. Thailande-Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives-LDD, SFST, IUSS, FFTC, WASWC. Bangkok : WCSS, 1 Cd-Rom World Congress of Soil Science. 17, Bangkok, Thaïlande, 14 August 2002/20 August 2002.


Rapport de campagne 2000 - 2001. Région du Vakinankaratra. Razanamparany Célestin, Moussa Narcisse, Razakamanantoanina R., Rakotovazaha Léonardin, Randrianaivo Solofolala. 2001. Antsirabé : TAFA, 45 p.



Increasing drought tolerance through selection for osmotic adjustment in wheat. Lewicki Sylvie, Acevedo E.. 1994. In : Interdrought. Integrated study of drought tolerance on higher plants : Meeting of Ischia (Italy), April 13th-17th 1994. Paris : INRA, 1 p. Integrated study of drought tolerance on higher plants. 2, Ischia, Italie, 13 April 1994/17 April 1994.


Relation entre déficit hydrique et rendement des céréales (blé tendre et orge) en milieu aride. Jouve Philippe. 1984. L'Agronomie Tropicale (1975), 39 (4) : pp. 308-316.


Prélevement minéraux de quelques cultures dans le Haut Chéliff. Claus R.. 1972. Khémis-Miliana : INRAA, 4 p.

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